9 Phrases that Irritate Your Japanese Girlfriend

Sometimes, even in casual conversations, you run the risk of accidentally annoying your Japanese girlfriend. What kinds of words or remarks do Japanese girlfriends find irritating?

  • 1. An emotionless “Hmm.”

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    You might accidentally utter this word if you’re not paying attention to what she’s saying. If you are having a conversation, give her your full attention.

  • 2. “Instead of talking about that…”

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    This phrase shows that you are not interested in her and that you want to talk about yourself. It is better to talk about yourself only after she has finished talking.

  • 3. “You don’t know that?”

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    You might use this phrase, albeit accidentally, to show that you are knowledgeable.

  • 4. A displeased “Huh?”

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    This word might slip out when you don’t understand what she’s talking about. You may hurt your girlfriend’s feelings if you say this.

  • 5. “Isn’t that contradictory?”

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    You might say this when you logically analyze her stories and point out discrepancies. Instead of nitpicking any contradictions, try to understand that she just wants you to listen to her.

  • 6. “I told you so.”

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    You may say this phrase if you warned her about something but she didn’t listen to you. If your girlfriend is sad, the first thing to do is accept her feelings and empathize with her.

  • 7. An impatient “And?”

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    Saying this can get your girlfriend to quickly wrap up what she is saying. However, with an attitude like this, your girlfriend will be hurt.

  • 8. “So, what exactly are you trying to say?

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    You might use this question when you want to ask her what she means because you don’t understand what she’s talking about. This phrase will likely intimidate your girlfriend.

  • 9. “Well…I suck anyway…”

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    You may mutter this to yourself when you are being compared to another guy or when your girlfriend achieves something great. This mopey attitude will definitely annoy your Japanese girlfriend.

Last updated: September 29, 2017