9 Lasting Bad Impressions You Leave When You Force Your Japanese Girlfriend to Dump You

Breaking up with your partner can be a very stressful experience, and most people try to avoid it whenever possible. But what do Japanese girls think of guys who force them to end the relationship? This time we introduce nine lasting bad impressions you leave when you force your Japanese girlfriend to dump you.

  • 1. She thinks you are a coward because you don’t play fair

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    “He can hint that it’s over, but he needs to say it to my face.” It appears cowardly when men force their partners to initiate the breakup just because they don’t have the guts to do it. Prepare yourself for the worst and break the news if you want to gain her understanding.

  • 2. She thinks you have no sense of responsibility because you run away from things you don’t like

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    “He’s passing the buck…or he’s just a coward.” You might seem like who runs away from things you don’t really like. Remember that as the man in the relationship, you might need to take on the role of the person who ends things.

  • 3. She thinks you are unmanly because you force her to handle the tough part

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    “He could have gradually reduced the amount of contact we had.” Some Japanese girls will find you weak for not wearing the pants in the relationship. If you absolutely cannot speak up, try to make your feelings obvious in the way you act.

  • 4. She thinks you are annoying because you seem indecisive

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    “I want him to make up his mind and be straightforward.” Japanese girls get irritated when you send mixed signals and don’t make it clear whether you are breaking up or not. It’s important that you show your girlfriend you’ve reached some kind of a decision.

  • 5. She thinks you are inconsiderate because you don’t provide a proper explanation

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    “I don’t want him to try to cover it up or sugarcoat it.” Some Japanese girls will think you’re insincere when you don’t speak your mind. It’s easier for women to come to terms with the breakup when you are honest about how you feel.

  • 6. She thinks you are too proud because you don’t admit your faults

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    Some Japanese girls might see that you are not acknowledging your own shortcomings. People break up for many reasons. When you know that you are, at least in part, the reason for your breakup, you should show that you can handle the situation with maturity by saying, “I’m sorry, but I think we should end it.”

  • 7. She thinks you are immature because you think you can pass the buck

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    “I understand if he’s being genuine about how he feels.” Some Japanese girls think your thought process goes something like this: “It’s too much work to be the dumper, so I blame her for everything and let her do all the work.” By saying something like this, you make yourself look immature. Be honest and speak your mind when you are discussing your breakup.

  • 8. She thinks you just don’t want to be the bad guy because you only think about avoiding conflicts

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    “I got turned off the moment I realized how his mind works.” Japanese girls think men who make their girlfriends do the breaking up don’t care about their partners. On the other hand, some might argue that avoiding conflict shows that you do care for your partner. However, when you are breaking up with someone, your half-hearted kindness can do more harm than good.

  • 9. She thinks you are too reliant on others because you cannot take responsibility for yourself

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    You might seem incapable of doing anything yourself. If your relationship didn’t work out because of you, it’s irresponsible to leave it up to your Japanese girlfriend to end it. Show your sincerity for your girlfriend one last time by being honest and being the one to end the relationship.

Last updated: October 08, 2017