8 Common Phrases Your Japanese Girlfrined Gets Irritated About

You may have not noticed yourself, but you probably have a handful of phrases that you frequently blurt out. Some of them are innocent, but others might indicate serious flaws in your personality. So, exactly what kind of phrases irritate Japanese girls? Today, we introduce you to some of the most commonly heard phrases that speak volumes about your style and personality.

  • 1. You have no motivation – “I don’t care.”

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    “It’s no fun to be around him. He sounds like he doesn’t care if he is with me or not.” Some women will even question if you are motivated enough to be in the relationship. Even if you can’t be bothered, it’s best to keep that to yourself.

  • 2. You have no preference – “I don’t care.”

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    “How can he not have a preference? Besides, he’s always wishy-washy, and that irritates me.” You may have used this phrase to show that you are open to suggestions, but all she gets is that you’re not interested. Instead, try saying something like, “Let me think,” which will show her that you are at least willing to consider other options.

  • 3. You turn everything down – “I’m too tired.”

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    “I’m tired too! I wish I didn’t come all the way to see him.” This is probably the least popular comment among women. If you mistakenly blurt this out, you should always follow up with something like, “But you always brighten my day!” That way, you won’t come off as being too negative.

  • 4. You don’t have self-esteem – “I’m no good.”

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    “He is so negative about everything, and I feel exhausted.” There is a fine line between being negative and being humble. Until you’ve master the difference, it’s safer to be overconfident than to be negative.

  • 5. You lack sincerity – “Sorry.”

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    “He doesn’t even know why I’m mad. Sorry doesn’t fix everything!” You may have blurted this out by reflex, but, to her, it’s a phrase that lacks sincerity. You should at least make an effort to learn why she is upset before apologizing.

  • 6. You contradict everything – “But . . .”

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    “Every sentence that comes out of his mouth starts with “but.” I feel that he is argumentative, and I don’t want to talk to him anymore.” It’s just a habit, and you don’t mean anything negative, but she doesn’t take it that way. When you listen to her, try starting your sentence with “I agree” and your outlook will be much brighter.

  • 7. You sound patronizing – “So?”

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    “Is he mocking me? He probably didn’t listen to what I had to say either. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” This is outright offensive to many women. Regardless of what she has to say, don’t mock her and have the courtesy to listen to her.

  • 8. You make her feel hopeless – “I don’t have money.”

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    “I know he doesn’t have money, and there’s nothing I can do about that. He brings me down with him.” Your constant grumbling puts a damper on the relationship. There are many things you can enjoy together without spending a fortune. You should be more positive and research alternative date ideas.

Last updated: October 16, 2017