9 Truths about Ex-Girlfriends Your Boyfriend Wouldn’t Talk about Even If You Asked

Most women are curious about their boyfriends’ past loves. But some guys really don’t want to talk about their ex-girlfriends. We asked guys why, and this is what they said.

  • 1. It’s in the past so he doesn't want you to worry about it

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    “I don’t want her to sweat over what happened in the past.” Guys don’t see the point in discussing their pasts. Even if you ask about it, they might casually pretend to not recall anything and say, “I don’t remember.”

  • 2. He doesn’t want you to think he’s still attached to his ex-girlfriend

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    “I don't want her to get jealous.” Some guys get fed up with how jealous their current girlfriends can get. Even if you are curious about your boyfriend’s ex, guys often have their own ways of moving on from their previous loves—so you don’t need to get competitive.

  • 3. He’s afraid that talking about it will make things awkward

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    “My girlfriend would feel down if I talk about it honestly. It’s best that she doesn’t know.” Some guys genuinely want to avoid making things awkward. You should try to understand that not talking about the past is your boyfriend’s way of expressing his affection for you.

  • 4. He doesn't want to be reminded of his troubles with his ex-girlfriend

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    “It was a bit traumatic…” Sometimes guys just don’t want to be reminded of what happened. Your boyfriend might have experienced something dreadful in the past with his ex. You shouldn’t force information out of him.

  • 5. He doesn’t understand why you want to know about his ex-girlfriend

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    “What’s important is the present, so I don’t get what she gains from knowing about my past.” Some people question whether there is a point to talking about their exes. Try to find out more about your boyfriend rather than investigating his ex.

  • 6. It seems like you are trying to find out what type of girls he likes and how he dates, and he doesn’t feel good about it

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    “I don’t like it because it feels like she’s trying to find out what kind of girls I fall for through my ex.” Some guys find it annoying when women try to pry into their preferences through information about their exes. If you want to know what kind of girls your boyfriend likes, you can ask him to name a celebrity instead.

  • 7. He’s afraid that you might ask even more detailed questions if he gives an honest response

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    “I have to talk while judging her state of mind so I don’t fuel her interest. That’s not easy to do.” Some guys are afraid that you might start grilling them with questions. Instead of trying to force information out of your boyfriend, be content with stories he has shared with you.

  • 8. He can’t take you to places he’s been on dates with his previous girlfriends

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    “We would think about my ex every time we go there, and neither of us would feel good about it.” Some guys worry that their girlfriends will get upset about visiting the same places that they used to take their ex-girlfriends. It would be best to not ask your boyfriend where he used to go on dates with his exes so you don’t end up limiting options for your dates

  • 9. He wants to show that his current girlfriend is the best

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    “I just counter her question with, ‘There’s no one better than you.’” Instead of talking about ex-girlfriends, some guys choose to reply with “My current girlfriend is the best!” You should acknowledge the fact that your boyfriend cherishes you even when he refuses to talk about his ex.

Published: August 03, 2017