9 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend to Quit Smoking

If you feel frustrated by your smoker boyfriend’s habit, at some point you have probably said, “Please quit smoking!” Did it work? Of course not. Let’s consider alternative approaches that might get your boyfriend to stop for the right reasons instead of quitting out of anger. These “9 Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend to Quit Smoking” are based on a survey of our male readers.

  • 1. Let him know how much you hate his bad breath by saying “I’m not going to kiss you if you smoke.”

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    “I feel sad when kissing doesn’t make my girlfriend happy.” No man likes to know his stinky breath is a big turn-off.

  • 2. Explain that you worry about his health by saying, “What would I do if you die from a disease before me?”

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    “I don’t know what to do when my girlfriend seriously worries about me.” Some men do care that their habit creates genuine anxiety in their girlfriends.

  • 3. Give him a girl’s perspective on his attractiveness by saying “Smoking doesn’t suit you.”

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    “I don’t want to be less attractive…” Doing damage to their appeal is something most men want to avoid.

  • 4. Suggest a long timeframe for quitting by asking, “Do you think you can quit within a year?”

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    “It’s more motivating to think about it in the long term.” If he doesn’t have to stub out his last cigarette immediately, it’s easier for most men to consider quitting in a more positive light.

  • 5. Compare him with other guys by saying, “If he was able to quit smoking, you can too, right?”

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    “It's frustrating to be compared, but I cannot be a loser.” No man wants to come second in the competition for a girl’s heart.

  • 6. Point out how much money he could save by quitting and suggest saving for a vacation instead.

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    “It motivates me to quit smoking if I have a goal.” Some men are motivated to quit smoking for financial reasons rather than health-based arguments.

  • 7. Tell him that you can make an effort with your health at the same time by saying, “I’m going on a diet, so please quit smoking.”

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    “It will be fun to quit smoking if it feels like I’m competing with her.” Having a shared goal can be very motivating. Try to encourage him by deciding on a specific number or deadline.

  • 8. Remind him you’re not the only one who’s unhappy he smokes by saying, “My parents hate tobacco…”

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    “It hurts when I think my girlfriend’s family disapproves of me.” It’s hard to win a girl’s heart if you don’t have her parents on your side.

  • 9. Outright threaten him by saying, “I’ll hate you if you don't quit smoking!”

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    “I think it’s outrageous, but I have no choice.” Make sure he takes you seriously by giving him an ultimatum.

Published: June 30, 2016