9 Moments that Make Men Think that You’re “The One”

Some people say that it’s a series of coincidences that lead to men and women meeting each other. You may be surprised to know that quite a few men see encounters with potential partners as fate. So, exactly what kinds of meetings seem like destiny to men? We asked around, so check out these “9 Moments that Make Men Think that You’re ‘The One’.”

  • 1. When he runs into you a second time, third time, and so on.

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    “When I run into someone over three times, I feel like there’s more to it than just coincidence.” Anything can happen once or twice, but when it keeps happening over and over? That’s when it starts to look like something is at work.

  • 2. When he notices that you share a lot of the same values or hobbies.

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    “I can’t help but be interested in someone when she’s into the same niche music genres as I am.” Having similar values and interests is always a plus when it comes to relationships.

  • 3. When you share an anniversary, like your birthdays.

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    “I instantly feel closer to people who share similarities with me, like my birthday or last name.” Some men feel a peculiar connection with women when they share these kinds of traits with them. Guys can be a lot more superstitious about romance than you’d think.

  • 4. When you hit it off, even though you’re meeting for the first time.

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    “There aren’t that many girls out there that I can relax around and be straight with right off the bat.” Many men think that if you’re easy to talk to, then you’re a match.

  • 5. When the two of you have been classmates for years.

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    “If we’ve been together all the way from elementary to high school, and were even in the same afterschool program, then how could I NOT think that we were meant to be together?” (*Teen respondent). Growing up together can be a major factor in making you seem special.

  • 6. When he meets you far from home, and finds out that you live really close to him.

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    “This woman I met when I was vacationing abroad actually turned out to live in my neighborhood, so I gave her a call as soon as I got home.” Men can easily believe Cupid is at work after chance encounters like this.

  • 7. When you’re good at making up for each other’s shortcomings.

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    “I’m no good with money, but she makes sure to keep my wallet in check. It might not seem like much to some, but to me, it hints at destiny.” There are a lot of men out there searching for the piece to complete their puzzle.

  • 8. When you have a special connection, like when you know what the other is thinking.

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    “I knew she was the one when I realized that I don’t have to put everything into words when I’m with her. No other girl ever understood me that much.” Qualities like this are what make them consider you soulmate material.

  • 9. When you share the same dreams for the future.

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    “If a woman shares my image of an ideal family and married life, it helps me in seeing that future with her as part of it.” This one takes a step beyond finding a girlfriend and heads into marriage territory.

Last updated: July 17, 2016