9 Ways to Melt Your Man's Heart And Make Him Kiss You

Men more or less like to imagine and dream when it comes to women. Also, once men begin dating, they hope and wish for their girlfriend to show them how they want to be kissed, as in these examples.

  • 1. Turning your eyes up at him, and leaning in with your lips.

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    Guys tend to swoon when girls do that cute thing where they pucker up and look upwards (you know what we mean).

  • 2. Shyly say, "Kiss me."

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    A lot of guys get turned on when their girlfriends embarrassedly ask for a kiss. They like girls to be the one to take the lead.

  • 3. Bringing your face close to his in a natural way, and softly close your eyes.

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    Just showing him you’re up for a kiss by nonchalantly bringing your face close to his and closing your eyes is enough to please a lot of guys out there.

  • 4. When you're alone together, look deeply into his eyes.

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    When you’re alone together and you gaze into his eyes, many guys will happily get the hint that you’d like to be kissed.

  • 5. If you are shorter than him, stand on your tiptoes and bring your face closer to his.

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    Being short can actually be used to your advantage: Stand on your tiptoes to bring your face closer to his. The shorter you are, the cuter you’ll look while you do it.

  • 6. Ask him straight: "Can I kiss you?"

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    Some guys like frank girls who cut to the chase and just ask for a kiss. This might work well with guys who are younger than you, or who are too shy to take the initiative themselves.

  • 7. Tease him by asking, "Do you want to kiss me?" when you’re feeling relaxed after a drink.

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    Jokingly saying, “Wanna kiss?”while you’re tipsy can be a good way to get over the awkwardness involved when asking directly.

  • 8. When saying goodbye, ask him, "Didn't you forget something?" and pucker up, ready for a kiss.

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    When one of you is about to leave, saying, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” and puckering up is an ideal way to get yourself a goodbye kiss.

  • 9. Grab the sleeve or bottom of his shirt, and hesitatingly say: "Umm ..."

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    There are guys out there who absolutely adore it when you tug on their sleeves or shirt-tail and shyly mutter, “Hey.”Make sure you avoid eye contact and look down as you tug, to emphasize your shyness.

Last updated: June 10, 2016