9 Times Your Boyfriend Gets Worried That You Are Not over Your Ex

Your ex-boyfriend is a person in your boyfriend’s way. Depending on how you interact with your ex, your boyfriend might get worried that you are still not over him. This time, based on our survey of guys, we introduce times your boyfriend gets worried that you are not over your ex.

  • 1. You ask your boyfriend to take you on a date to places you used to go with your ex-boyfriend

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    “I get mixed feelings when she says, ‘I came here with my ex’…” Some guys feel awkward when you bring them to places where you and your ex shared memories. Even if you don’t feel sentimental about it, it’s best not to invite your boyfriend to places you and your ex used to go.

  • 2. You long for the past excessively

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    “I get anxious when I start to think she’s that dissatisfied with the present.” When you keep remembering the good old days, some guys will worry that you are missing your ex. Try your best not to talk about the past, which hints at the presence of some other guy.

  • 3. You try to hide your relationship

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    “I don’t need to be introduced to anyone, but it’s a shock that she’s hiding our relationship.” If you stubbornly try to hide your relationship, some guys get the negative idea that you don’t want your ex to find out. Let your boyfriend know if you have other reasons, like that you don’t want others to interfere.

  • 4. You compare your boyfriend with your ex

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    “I am not her ex. I don’t want to be compared to him.” Some guys cannot stand it when you compare them to your ex. If you are not happy with something your boyfriend does, tell him without comparing him with your ex. You can simply say something like, “Can you stop doing this?”

  • 5. You are passive when it comes to holding hands and other physical contact

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    “Maybe she doesn’t want to do that with me…” When you reject your boyfriend or show that you don’t appreciate him trying to hold your hand or kiss you, he might get sad and think that you are not that into him. Your boyfriend will find you cute if you tell him something like, “I feel shy because I’m not really experienced.”

  • 6. You keep your ex-boyfriend’s contact info in your phone

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    “If she keeps his contact, does that mean he’s still in the picture?” Some guys are shocked to find out that you kept your ex’s contact info. If you don’t want to delete it, make sure your current boyfriend doesn’t find your ex’s name.

  • 7. You look at pictures you took with your ex-boyfriend once in a while

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    “I wonder what she’s remembering. That makes me nervous.” You make your boyfriend worry unnecessarily by looking at pictures you took with your ex. You don’t have to throw away the pictures, but make sure you are alone when you get nostalgic.

  • 8. You talk about your ex-boyfriend when you are not asked

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    “She must have good memories with him if she starts talking about him on her own…” Some guys get jealous of your memories when you start talking about your ex without being asked about him. If you talk about your ex often, your boyfriend will begin to wonder if you still have a thing for him. So, be mindful not to talk about him.

  • 9. You are still in touch with your ex-boyfriend

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    “If they are close, why did they break up? I don’t get it.” If you are still in touch with your ex even after you have a new boyfriend, some guys will feel sad and start thinking, “What am I to her?” If you interact with your ex as friends, you need to explain that to your boyfriend and gain his understanding.

Published: August 11, 2017