9 Times Women Miss Their Exes Even When They Have Boyfriends

Many women compare their current boyfriends with their exes at unexpected moments. But when do they think their ex-boyfriends were better? Based on our survey of women, we introduce nine times women miss their exes even when they have boyfriends.

  • 1. When her current boyfriend doesn’t try to make up after a fight

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    “My ex would patch things up right away.” Women start to question their boyfriends’ love when they don’t make an effort to fix the relationship. If you are not good at saying sorry to her face, let her know by text and avoid making the situation worse.

  • 2. When her current boyfriend doesn’t value anniversaries or birthdays

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    “I don’t think he values me enough…” When men disregard dates that are special to their girlfriends, exes start appearing many times more appealing. Even if you don’t have the money to do something fancy, you can always make a small gesture, like getting her a cake.

  • 3. When her current boyfriend is very controlling and she doesn’t have time to herself

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    “He must really not trust me.” Men being overly controlling of their girlfriends’ behavior can make them remember the good old days and think, “I was more myself before.” Even if you are worried inside, send her off with a smile when she goes out and tell her, “Enjoy your time.”

  • 4. When her current boyfriend doesn’t support her work and hobbies

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    “I didn’t realize how much it meant to me to have my boyfriend’s support.” Many women feel sad when their boyfriends are not interested in the things they work hard for. If your girlfriend starts to talk about her work or her hobbies, show her that you are paying attention.

  • 5. When her current boyfriend is not motivated to work hard, and he doesn’t get any raises

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    “I worry about the future.” Some women feel anxious about the future of their relationship when their boyfriends lack motivation compared to their hard-working ex-boyfriends. Even if you don’t feel like working hard in your current job, show her that you are driven to overcome the challenges you face by saying something like, “I will treat you for something fancy in three years!”

  • 6. When her current boyfriend gets angry about things her ex-boyfriend let go with a laugh

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    “It makes me think he’s really intolerant.” Some women realize for the first time that their ex-boyfriends were lenient after their current boyfriends get mad at them.

  • 7. When her current boyfriend is stingy and doesn’t take her out for food

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    “What a boring guy!” Some women are really dissatisfied with their thrifty boyfriends, and they might think, “My ex used to take me out to restaurants with great food!!” Your girlfriend will be more tolerant if you take her out once in a while. You could suggest something like, “Let’s go out when we get paid!”

  • 8. When her current boyfriend doesn’t have a driver’s license

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    “That limits where we can go!” Some women whose exes had drivers’ licenses lament the fact that they have significantly limited options for dates. You could think about dates that you can enjoy without a car, like walking around streets with cute shops.

  • 9. When her current boyfriend doesn’t give nice gifts

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    “He doesn’t understand what I like!” Women start to question whether their boyfriends really like them when their gifts are really off. If you aren’t sure whether your girlfriend will like your gift, you should ask her to go shopping together so you can avoid making a mistake.

Published: August 12, 2017