9 Signs That Your Japanese Girl Feel that You Are Unprepared for a Date

After dating for a while and you begin to feel comfortable with each other, your relationship may start to become stale. You may also feel that you don’t have to try as hard to please her. If you’ve been slacking off on date planning (and many other things), you may start to lose her interest. Your Japanese girlfriend may even be accumulating a laundry list of dissatisfactions. Today, based on a survey we conducted, we’ll introduce you to some of the telltale signs that women notice and which prove to them that you are unprepared for your date.

  • 1. You ask her “So, where do you want to go?”

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    “I guess he has no intention of taking charge of the date. How disappointing.” If you put all of the responsibility for planning the date on her, she will write you off as not trying hard enough. If you are unable to come up with an idea, ask her in advance what she may be interested in. You should at least have some kind of a frame work for your day.

  • 2. You show up on a date in the same grubby clothes.

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    “I took one look at him and I couldn’t be bothered to dress up myself. Who shows up on a date in a pair of fleece pants?” Remember, women are quick to notice when you start to slack off on your attire and personal grooming. At minimum, practice good hygiene and try to be the kind of boyfriend she can be proud of.

  • 3. You always pick fast food restaurants.

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    “Unless he has cravings for a particular burger, I don’t want to go to a fast food restaurant every time.” She’s been looking forward to this date and now she’s utterly disappointed that you took her to a fast food restaurant. If you want to take her to a fast food restaurant, have a good reason: “I really like their burgers” or “Let’s have a quick bite so we won’t be late for the movie.”

  • 4. You wait until the day of to let her know your plans.

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    “It’s not like I’m sitting here waiting for his phone call all day. It would be nice to know when and where at least a day in advance.” So you are a procrastinator and she’s been wondering what’s going on. Make a habit of letting her know your date plans in advance so she’ll have ample time to prepare. She’ll decide her outfit and hairstyle according to the plan, which is also a fun part of being in the relationship.

  • 5. Your dates always take place near your home.

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    “I get it. He doesn’t want to take a day trip somewhere new.” If every date you suggest takes place within a 5-mile radius of your house, of course she’ll be bored out of her mind. Once in a while, plan a trip outside of your comfort zone—visit new places and try new things. It’ll be a refreshing experience for both of you.

  • 6. You mess with your cell phone all the time.

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    “If he wants to play with his cell phone, he should go home and play with it.” She is fed up with fighting for your attention during a date. General etiquette indicates leaving your cell phone in your pocket during the date and focusing on talking with her.

  • 7. You promised her a dinner date, but you didn’t make a reservation.

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    “Even on a weekday, you’ll need a reservation to get into that restaurant. He had no idea.” If you are planning a gourmet dinner date, it’s common sense to make a reservation at the fancy restaurant she mentioned. If you want to make a good impression on her, plan your date down to a tee.

  • 8. You drive without a destination.

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    “He says, ‘Okay, let’s go!’ but he doesn’t have a destination in mind. I’m fed up with him driving nowhere!” You may like driving, but to her, it’s just a way to get somewhere. If you take her on your aimless driving trips, of course she’ll be frustrated. The options are endless: you can go to a fancy café or a special stargazing spot. Regardless of where you take her, have the destination in mind before you get into your car.

  • 9. You suggest a staycation and binge watch TV dramas.

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    “I don’t think that’s called a date.” Sure, once in a while it’s a nice change to take a staycation, but binge watching your favorite show on TV does not qualify as a date. How about cooking some French cuisine and enjoying a relaxing conversation and glass of wine with her?

Last updated: October 17, 2017