“Not enough love!” 8 Situations When Your Boyfriend Feels Ignored

“You can relax when you are with me.” Many men try to appeal to their girlfriends with their easy-going nature. However, that does not mean you can take him for granted. If you do, don’t be surprised when he dumps you. No one likes to feel left out and ignored. Today, based on survey responses we collected, we introduce the scenarios where men felt that there was not enough love and attention paid to them.

  • 1. Your emails get shorter and shorter by the day.

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    “It’s apparent that she gets less interested in me as the days go by.” Some men measure your love by the length of your email messages. Even when your day is hectic and you have no time to compile your thoughts, try to send one sweet, long email before you go to bed. It will make his day and he will not feel ignored.

  • 2. You slack off on your beauty regimen.

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    “That’s too laid back!” Unless you’re just planning to take a walk around the neighborhood with him, you should prep yourself with care. Otherwise, he cannot hide his disappointment and maybe even anger. Especially if you are meeting him for a special date night, you should make the effort to plan your outfit, makeup, and hair accordingly.

  • 3. You show no interest in planning your date night.

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    “She makes me want to get the heck out.” Your lack of enthusiasm can easily get on his nerves. If you don’t have any suggestions, at least remember to tell him that you are happy so long as you are with him. Show him that you are excited to be with him and enjoy his company.

  • 4. You are more interested in your cell phone than talking to him.

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    “Which is more important, your cell or me?!” This makes many men outright furious. If you must fiddle with your cell phone when you are with him, have some courtesy and say, “Excuse me.” Don’t forget to treat him as you want to be treated.

  • 5. You pick a gag gift for his birthday every year.

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    “I feel as though she doesn’t take our relationship seriously anymore.” Not only does he not appreciate your present, he may begin to doubt your affection toward him. If you have given him a gag gift in the past, try not to repeat it. Gag gifts are only funny once. Change things up and select something personal that he will really love.

  • 6. You don’t laugh at his jokes anymore.

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    “If she doesn’t laugh at my jokes, things are over for me.” It may be the same old joke you’ve heard a million times before. Still, turning a cold shoulder to his playfulness may appear to be a sign of a dying relationship. Even if you find it dull, try to play along with him. If nothing else, show some appreciation for his effort in trying to make you laugh.

  • 7. You don’t show a shred of jealousy when he talks about other women.

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    “She doesn’t react at all. I feel as though she couldn’t care less about me.” You may feel that you don’t need to react because you trust him completely. Even so, he may be expecting you to be a bit jealous about other women around him. When he talks about other women next time, pretend to be little jealous and he will find you cute.

  • 8. You prioritize your friends over him.

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    “I don’t think she needs me.” Have you canceled one too many date with him because you wanted to spend time with your friends? Sadly, he feels that he is of no importance to you. Don’t make him feel that he is not wanted or needed. Tell him often that he is the most important person in your life. Boost his confidence by reaffirming his significance.

Published: June 10, 2017