9 Kinds of Personal Transformations Japanese Girls Experience Due to Their Ex-Boyfriends

Even if you and your Japanese girlfriend break up, you probably feel great about yourself if she tells you she’s grateful for you. This time, we surveyed Japanese girls to introduce nine kinds of personal transformations women experience due to their ex-boyfriends.

  • 1. She became more confident thanks to a boyfriend who showered her with compliments

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    “I love guys who are good with words! I guess I took time to realize how great my ex was.” Women will always think highly of guys who give them confidence. Nonetheless, be careful not to overdo it with the compliments because she might think you are just a player.

  • 2. She learned to be herself thanks to a boyfriend who was true to himself

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    “I was quite anxious, but my boyfriend was laid back. He helped me care less about what other people think.” Women always remember the guys who helped them become more positive. However, try not to give her unnecessary advice because it’s important that this change within her happens naturally.

  • 3. She no longer feels pressured to lose weight thanks to a boyfriend who preferred curvy women

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    “Once the pressured to be skinny was off, I started to enjoy dressing up!” Some women finally feel freed from the expectations society places on women thanks to guys who find them beautiful exactly as they are. Help your girlfriend realize she’s perfect just the way she is, and you will stand out among all her past boyfriends if your relationship ends.

  • 4. She discovered a whole new world thanks to an outdoorsy boyfriend

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    “I like to stay inside, but he took me out fishing and camping. That toughened me up.” Experiencing the unknown can help women be more active, and they will always remember boyfriends who introduced them to new hobbies.

  • 5. She sorted out her work-related concerns thanks to a boyfriend who knew how to listen and comfort her

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    “Rather than encouraging me, he just listened. I can’t thank him enough.” Some women feel nostalgic about guys who helped them by just listening. Be a good listener rather than telling your girlfriend what to do because women will always remember guys who listened to them.

  • 6. She became a good cook thanks to a foodie boyfriend who introduced her to new flavors

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    “I dated an older guy who made me fall in love with traditional Japanese food. Now I’m studying to become a Japanese sake sommelier.” Some women think fondly of boyfriends who gave them more than just a romantic relationship. No matter how your relationship ends, with time, women will always be grateful for guys who helped them develop new skills.

  • 7. She got into a habit of cleaning often thanks to a boyfriend who liked to keep things neat

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    “I am quite lazy, but my ex taught me how to keep my place tidy. Since then, cleaning has become so much easier.” Some women said their boyfriends helped them become better organized. You just need to be careful not to end up becoming her handyman by helping out too much.

  • 8. She made an effort to be more intellectual thanks to a well-educated boyfriend

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    “I started reading to be able to catch up with my boyfriend, who can talk about pretty much anything.” Some women thank their boyfriends for helping them become more knowledgeable. However, don’t get too carried away because women tend to hate guys who are arrogant and who boast about their intelligence.

  • 9. She learned to approach job searches with patience thanks to the influence of a hard-working boyfriend

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    “I felt down because I got a lot of rejections, but I motivated myself once I saw how determined my boyfriend was to keep looking for leads.” At times, women get encouraged by their boyfriends’ positive attitudes and efforts to keep trying. Instead of telling her things like, “You can do it,” set an example she can follow.

Last updated: October 15, 2017