9 Things Girlfriends Say That Irritate Their Boyfriends

Some guys have specific things that they’re touchy about. When you interact with your boyfriend without knowing his boundaries, he might snap at you for some things you say, even if you are right or are telling him something for his own benefit. This time, we surveyed guys to bring you nine things girlfriends say that irritate their boyfriends.

  • 1. You give him career advice, even though you don't know much about the job

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    “Honestly, I just think, ‘What do you even know about it!’” Proud guys may refuse to consider your opinions. Rather than critiquing him or giving him advice, try simply showing that you care. You could say something like, “Don’t work too hard” or “Make sure to get some rest.”

  • 2. You strongly disapprove of him gambling even though he doesn’t spend much on it

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    “I just want to tell her, ‘I’m not causing anyone any problems!’” Your boyfriend might take this seriously and argue back. Instead of criticizing his gambling, why not jokingly say something like, “Why don’t you use the money and time for us to go on a date?”

  • 3. You criticize the way he drives even though you don’t even have a license

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    “I want her to stop nitpicking when I am giving her a ride.” Some guys are sensitive about backseat driving. Rather than complaining about his driving, ask him if he would mind driving a little slower.

  • 4. You complain about his social life

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    “I don’t want her to interfere with my social life.” This could make guys feel tied down. He wouldn’t know what to say if you were to ask him something like, “Who’s more important, me or your friends?” Make your peace with the situation and start organizing more nights out with your friends.

  • 5. You criticize his hobbies

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    “You can’t explain hobbies with logic!” No one likes it when others interfere with their passion. Even if you cannot understand your boyfriend’s interests, you should bear with him as long as his hobbies don’t affect your relationship.

  • 6. You try to force him to quit drinking and smoking

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    “I already know it’s not good for my health!” Your boyfriend will just talk back, so it’s best to avoid pushing him to give up smoking and drinking. He might listen better if you gently suggest it to him and focusing on the long-term picture. Try saying something like, “Will you quit before we get married?”

  • 7. You force him to eat things he doesn't like because it’s good for his health

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    “That’s not considered kindness. I take it as pure harassment.” Pushing your boyfriend to eat something he doesn’t like is not the best way to communicate your affection for him. If your boyfriend has an unbalanced diet, try giving him some vitamins to show that you are concerned about his health.

  • 8. You try to change the way he dresses

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    “Her patronizing tone irritates me.” Some guys don’t welcome other people’s comments on how they dress. You should choose expressions that won’t hurt his ego, like “That looks good, but this might also look good on you.”

  • 9. You criticize every little thing he does, like how he holds his toothbrush

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    “She doesn’t have to go into that much detail!” Your boyfriend might simply ignore your comments. Even if something bothers you, avoid pointing out everything that catches your eye. Rather than telling him about every single thing, focus on getting him to change one or two things bother you the most.

Published: July 20, 2017