9 Things Guys Said That Helped Them Win Back Their Japanese Ex-Girlfriends

Most people are convinced that they will never get back with their exes, but some couples manage to make it work. What can you say to convince your Japanese ex-girlfriend when you want to win her back? This time, we surveyed Japanese girls to list things guys said that helped them win back their Japanese ex-girlfriends.

  • 1. To show that you’ve learned your lessons, tell her, “You’re the one for me.”

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    “I knew that he was talking from experience.” You can emphasize that, after you got to know other women, you now know she is the right person for you. It might resonate with her if you look into her eyes and say, “Once we were no longer together, I learned how much you mean to me.”

  • 2. When you go out for a drink, tell her, “I feel I can be myself when I’m with you. Can we start over?”

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    “I was just thinking how comfortable he makes me feel too.” You can start off by being drinking buddies, and then at the right time suggest that you get back together. Before you get to the main point, however, feel her out by asking things like, “Are you interested in anyone right now?” or “Are you looking to date?”

  • 3. Surprise her with unexpected sweet words by telling her, “You are always on my mind. I still love you.”

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    “His words really hit me because they were so genuine!” You can win back her heart by being honest about how you really feel. Being direct in your approach might help you win her back, even if she’s interested in someone else.

  • 4. Let her know you’ve become more understanding by saying, “I know I was immature back then.”

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    “He’s changed since we were students. I fell in love again with the mature version of him.” Prove to your ex that you’ve grown up. The key is to let enough time pass before getting in touch, instead of reaching out to her right after your breakup. She will know that you are being sincere when you say, “Let’s start over.”

  • 5. Sway her feelings when she is at crossroads in her life by telling her, “I want you to know you can always count on me.”

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    “I was tempted, like, ‘Are you serious? Will you actually be there for me?’” You can find your way back into her heart by being available when she’s vulnerable. Keep in touch through social media and find the right moment to get her attention, such as when she’s feeling lost about work or marriage.

  • 6. To show that you are ready to work on issues you had in your relationship, tell her, “I want us to start over from scratch.”

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    “He convinced me that we can make it work.” You can let your ex know that you’ve thoroughly examined the reasons that led to your breakup and that you’ve worked on yourself since then. If you were unfaithful, show her that you’ve changed. If your relationship became too routine, show her a new side. In either case, work for it until she knows you are serious.

  • 7. When approaching her right after she gets out of a relationship, tell her, “We belong together. I won’t make you regret it this time.”

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    “If he approaches me now, I would actually go for him.” Your ex will be moved if you confess your love for her when she is feeling lonely. Some women said, “It hits me hard when he’s assertive.” You might have a chance of success if you approach her passionately with confidence.

  • 8. After you’ve gone on separate paths and meet again, tell her, “I fell in love with you again.”

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    “Things didn’t work out because we started working, but I’m glad we met again in another context.” Encountering each other again when you are at a different life stage can help you eliminate negative impressions from the past. Rather than clinging on to her and asking her to get back together, attend a reunion where she’ll be and stage a “new encounter.”

  • 9. To show her that you’ve thought about the future, tell her, “I want to be there for you, for life.”

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    “I was moved by how serious he was.” Saying something that resembles a proposal can resonate well with your ex—if she’s considering settling down. If you broke up because you wanted to get married at different times, being bold in your approach might help you win her back.

Last updated: October 15, 2017