9 Ways a Man Can Answer the Question “How many women have you slept with?” to a Japanese girl

How many lovers you’ve had in the past is a sensitive topic and should be handled tactfully, depending on the situation. Japanese girls can be judgmental. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 ways to respond when asked how many women you have slept with.

  • 1. Just be honest

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    By answering honestly, you show that you’re a sincere kind of guy. When you do give the answer, look her straight in the eyes and don’t joke about it, so she knows you’re telling her the truth. It will be best to say it confidently with the attitude of “I have nothing to hide.”

  • 2. Ask her back “Why do you need to know?”

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    You may be able to avoid this question by letting her know you think it’s a strange one or that you’re put off by it. Finding out why she wants to know will give a clue as to how to respond. If she does ask, ask her why it’s important to know.

  • 3. Say “I’ve forgotten about the past” and avoid the question

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    Act as though you’ve forgotten and end the conversation. You can also trying saying things like “I only want to think about the future with you.” By saying it playfully, she won’t have any serious reason to wonder if you’re hiding something hurtful.

  • 4. Say “I haven’t slept with anyone in the past” and announce confidently that you’re a virgin

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    If it’s true that you’re a virgin, it’s okay to open up to her and admit it. Don’t be ashamed. If you try to hide the fact that you’re completely inexperienced, she will only continue her line of questioning. Just be open and confident and she will appreciate your honesty.

  • 5. Say “I think about 5000” and blatantly lie

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    She’ll have to laugh at such an obvious joke and may start seeing that the question is not worth worrying about. You can also say things like “My goal is 10,000!” and she might lose the will to ask again.

  • 6. Say “I’ve gotten rejected by three girls in the past” and purposefully answer the wrong question

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    Give her the answer to a completely different question and this will throw her off the scent. This will work when you don’t want to say how many people you have slept with, but you don’t want to outright lie to her. You can continue to avoid the question by giving her different numbers for different situations, such as the number of girls you held hands with and so on.

  • 7. Say “I’ll leave it to your imagination” and avoid answering the question

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    By leaving it to her imagination, you avoid the question. However, there’s a risk she may assume a larger number than is true. If you’re the type that looks as though you’ve had more experience than you actually have, then it will be safe just to give her a direct, truthful answer to her question.

  • 8. Say “I’m too shy to talk about that!” and continue avoiding the question

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    Avoiding the question by pretending to be shy can create the impression that you’re a cute, innocent boy. You can also just tell her it’s a secret and give her the impression that you’re a mysterious guy.

  • 9. Say “I plan on having you be the last one” and show her you like her

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    This is a great chance to let her know you like her, as it will come off as a surprise. No matter how many people you have had experiences with in the past, if you tell her she will be the last one, she will be contented with that.

Last updated: November 04, 2017