9 Ways to Get a Japanese girl to Want to Improve in Bed

It takes a lot of courage to suggest to your partner that a Japanese girl's performance could do with some improvement. Is there a way to get her motivated to improve without hurting her ego? We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 ways to get her to want to improve in bed.

  • 1. Say “That feels really good!” and compliment her when she makes the move that you want

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    “It makes me want to improve naturally.” To bring out that desire to improve, it’s important to make a Japanese girl feel happy first. It is also effective to acknowledge that she’s improving by saying things such as “It’s so much better than when we first started dating.”

  • 2. Say “Let’s improve together! I will study too!” and let her know she’s not alone

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    “If we can strive together, then that’s good!” It’s important to make sure she doesn’t feel like it’s all one-sided. Show her you’re open as well, by saying things like “Let me know if there’s anything you want me to improve on,” and this should get her to want to do better in bed.

  • 3. Say “I want to awaken your erotic side” and let her know you’re happy to train her

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    “I will feel like he’s tapping into my submissive nature.” This phrase will help to awaken the erotic side of your woman. Don’t be condescending or pushy. Just remind her that this is a form of play/act where you’re pretending to be a teacher teaching her things.

  • 4. Say “I want to try more things” and suggest specific moves you want to try with her

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    “It’s exciting and it will help change things up.” This will resonate with any woman who’s eager to explore new ground. Let her know that this isn’t a selfish search for pleasure just for your own benefit, and that you genuinely want both of you to be happy.

  • 5. Say “That makes me feel really happy” and awaken her desire to want to make you happy

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    “It’s the same feeling I get when he compliments my cooking.” It’s important to make her feel like there's a purpose in improving in bed. Make sure to show gratitude if she does something for you in bed and this will encourage her to keep experimenting with a positive attitude.

  • 6. Say “I actually want you to use your mouth… Is that okay?” and ask her in a cute way

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    “He’s just too cute to refuse…” By being sweet, you will tickle her nurturing nature. If you’re usually the type that takes the lead in the relationship, your woman might fall for the gap you have in bed by having a different persona.

  • 7. Say “It’s super easy. You’ll be able to do it” and reassure her it’s not difficult

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    “The problem was all in my head. I just assumed it would be difficult.” This will make her realize that the man’s request isn’t something too difficult to fulfill. Make sure to have her do easier things at first so she won’t feel defeated.

  • 8. Say “Yes, right there!” and over-exaggerate during sex

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    This will ensure she feels accomplished and that it’s been worth making the effort. Add some variation to your reaction. If you can’t think of new things to say, pretend you’re feeling so good you’re lost for words.

  • 9. Give your best during foreplay and in return you will inspire her to do her best as well

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    “If he’s trying that hard, then I want to step it up as well.” Giving your all will inspire her to do better as well. Make sure to ask her things like “What can I do to make you feel good?” and show her that you’re constantly willing to improve. This should inspire her to do the same.

Last updated: November 04, 2017