7 Things Men Say to a Japanese Girlfriend during Sex that are an Immediate Turn-Off

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to let the wrong words escape. Some things you say to her, though, could be a turn-off. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 7 things men to a Japanese girlfriend say that are turn-offs in bed.

  • 1. “Doesn’t it feel good?” – assuming she’s feeling good and asking her to stroke your ego

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    “It makes me want to tell him the truth!” Some Japanese girls have felt frustrated with men who think they know it all when it comes to sex. It is normal for a man to want to know how his woman is feeling, but don’t get too arrogant and assume you’re a star performer. Stay humble and make sure to ask her how she’s feeling, as every woman is different.

  • 2. “Let’s get married” – proposing to her or saying sweet things only during sex

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    “His words are so meaningless.” Some Japanese girls get turned off by how lightly men use words during sex. Sweet, dreamy words are just an insult, if your attitude is completely different outside the bedroom. Be responsible for your words—say it, only if you really mean it.

  • 3. “It feels so good, ______!” – calling out your ex’s name

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    “I’m not easily upset, but this really offends me.” It’s a taboo to call out your ex’s name during sex. If you get super excited during sex and let the wrong name slip out, stop the sex immediately and apologize sincerely. She will feel sensitive after this, so make sure you show extra love to mend her heart.

  • 4. “Can I come inside you?” – suggesting something that is clearly out of bounds

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    “I was just getting into it and now I’ve lost focus…” This is a phrase that will immediately kill her interest in having sex. For Japanese girls, the risk of pregnancy is always present, so doing your part by not coming inside her is the least you can do. You mustn’t let yourself get carried away to a point where you lose yourself and risk her future.

  • 5. “Take it all in!” – using phrases clearly influenced by watching too much porn

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    “It’s okay if he watches porn, but I don’t like it when he tries to talk the same way.” Some porn moves can be a turn-off for Japanese girls, especially violent moves that aren’t appropriate in a loving relationship. Even if you do have the urge to say such things, keep it to yourself, unless you know she likes this kind of play.

  • 6. “What about making me feel good, bitch?” – becoming aggressive and vulgar with your words

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    “When he uses foul language, it’s just scary.” Going overboard with the alter ego character can be too much for some Japanese girls. Once you’ve scared her, it’s won’t be easy for her to get back to having fun. Even if you’re just acting out a fantasy, it’s not fun for her. Avoid it.

  • 7. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” – apologizing for the fact that you came before her

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    “I just can’t see him as a man…it’s such a turn off.” Some Japanese girls get turned off by their man’s lack of confidence. If you do come too early, don’t be so insecure and super apologetic. Be confident. The best comeback will be a compliment like, “It felt so good to be inside you, I just couldn’t hold back any longer.”

Last updated: November 04, 2017