8 Words and Actions That Are Immediate Turnoffs for a Japanese Girlfriend

A woman’s mind can be complex and sensitive. Keep this in mind during sex to avoid overstepping boundaries or appearing inconsiderate. With the wrong actions or words, you could offend a Japanese girlfriend and lose her interest. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 8 words and actions that are immediate turnoffs for a Japanese girlfriend.

  • 1. Asking her to lend you money when out on a date

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    “Don’t even bother asking me out if you can’t afford it!” This is a major turnoff and makes you come off as a financially irresponsible man. Not only will a woman likely lose interest in spending the night with you, she may just go home immediately. Before you take her out, let a Japanese girlfriend know that you’re on a tight budget, and maybe she’ll help out.

  • 2. Having bad breath

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    “His breath was just so bad I couldn’t take it.” This is when she’ll snap out of the love spell and lose interest. Keep up with your oral hygiene with regular brushing, and carry dental gum or mints with you. If you really have no access to any of these, then avoid any deep kissing.

  • 3. Having the same routine for foreplay

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    “It starts to feel like it’s just like any other routine chore for him, and it doesn’t excite me anymore.” This can happen to many men who start feeling comfortable in a long-term relationship. Japanese girls might start questioning the relationship if you don’t keep it spicy in the bedroom. No matter how long you’ve been dating, don’t forget to change things up a bit to keep things exciting.

  • 4. Taking her clothes off violently

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    “I feel like I’m being assaulted.” Being violent may scare her, and there’s also a chance you’ll damage her clothes in the act. Instead, to demonstrate your passion and love for her, look her in the eyes and whisper loving words as you gently take her clothes off.

  • 5. Doing things while watching TV

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    “He’s not even focused.” This could make her feel like you’re half-hearted. It’s important to set the mood, so be sure to turn off any distractions to focus on each other. Turning off the lights may help as well.

  • 6. Saying, “Can’t you move more?” and criticizing her

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    “He sounds really selfish.” If you just keep criticizing her, your Japanese girlfriend will eventually lose interest in having sex with you. If you have any requests, try suggesting them without sounding too demanding. Be humble when asking her so she won’t feel offended.

  • 7. Requesting moves that are out of the norm

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    “I’m not a porn actress!” This could be offensive, so be careful when requesting out-of-the-norm moves in bed—especially if you two have been dating for a short time and haven’t yet developed that trust. Once you’ve been together longer and feel more comfortable, it will be easier to bring up requests that are a bit more unique.

  • 8. “I’m going to come in three minutes, okay?”—giving her a constant update about yourself

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    “What is that supposed to mean anyway? Doesn’t he care about how I’m doing?” This will come off as selfish. It’s important to consider how your partner is feeling in bed too. You can demonstrate this by asking something like, “I’m about to come, but did you want me to go a little longer?”

Last updated: November 04, 2017