9 Moments Japanese girls Realized They Were Sexually Compatible with a Man

Sex can feel great on a whole new level when two people are sexually compatible with one another. When the chemistry is just right, it can lead to a mind-blowing experience that will keep a Japanese girl coming back for more. So, how does a Japanese girl know when she’s found the right man? We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 moments that helped them realize they were sexually compatible with a partner.

  • 1. When everything he does feels good

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    “It feels so good that I can’t even find the words to describe it.” Sometimes Japanese girls find a partner who hits all the right spots every time. This is a strong sign of compatibility and of her partner’s commitment to finding out what makes her feel amazing. To make sure you have the moves that will keep her coming back for more, pay attention to her responses in the moment, or simply ask her what she enjoys!

  • 2. When they fit into each other’s bodies perfectly during cuddling

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    “When I get excited just by spooning, I know the sex will be amazing too.” Some Japanese girls can sense good chemistry with a man even before making it to the bedroom. However, if you find there’s an instant attraction, that doesn’t mean you need to rush to the next level. Cuddling can create the perfect build up to a passionate evening while establishing trust with your partner.

  • 3. When he touches her without tickling her or being too forceful

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    “When he tickles me, I get turned off.” Many Japanese girls can gauge how compatible they are with a man just by how he touches her. Striking a balance between too soft and too firm of a touch can be a challenge, but watching her reactions will give you important clues as to what feels best.

  • 4. When the timing and rhythm are perfect

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    “I normally don’t like a certain sex position, but he took his time and made it actually feel good. That’s when I knew we were compatible.” Moving too quickly or too slowly during sex can affect your partner’s pleasure and keep her from enjoying the experience. You can be direct and ask her what she likes, or keep an eye on her reactions and breathing to see what turns her on the most.

  • 5. When just kissing gets her heart racing

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    “I know we’re compatible when we kiss and I feel a spark rushing through me.” Some Japanese girls think good kissing and good sex go hand in hand. Don’t be too forceful and try to avoid using too much saliva. Most importantly, make sure you keep your lips soft and your breath fresh so you’re ready for action whenever she is!

  • 6. When she can sense that he feels as good as she does

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    “When I see that we’re in sync with pleasure I really feel like we’re compatible.” Sometimes seeing your partner enjoying herself is the most arousing part of sex, and she likes knowing that you’re turned on too. Try some heavy breathing or just tell her how good it feels so she knows you’re having as much fun as she is.

  • 7. When he touches her affectionately

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    “I feel like we’re connected on another level when he touches me affectionately, not just sexually.” When you touch your partner, make sure you are communicating love as well as arousal. This can mean gently caressing non-sexual areas, or even giving her a foot or back massage to help her relax. It’s also important not to touch her if she doesn’t want you to, and to avoid areas she’s not comfortable with.

  • 8. When they climax at the same time

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    “It’s harder for me to orgasm, so if we can orgasm together, he’s definitely doing something right.” Some Japanese girls love the feeling of climaxing at the same time as their partner. Reading her expressions and movements during the act helps you gauge her level of arousal so you can reach the big O together.

  • 9. When he helps her discover new erogenous zones

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    “I never knew certain areas and touches could make me feel so good.” A woman may be shy about exploring her erogenous zones on her own, so when a man shows her a new sensitive spot, it can make her feel especially compatible with him. Take her pleasure to the next level by learning about erogenous zones and gradually adding new moves and types of touch to foreplay or intercourse.

Last updated: November 04, 2017