Phrases that Relax a Japanese Girl When It’s Her First Time

The moment right before a Japanese girl loses her virginity can be a nervous time. If her body is stiff from anxiety, the sex won’t feel good and could actually hurt a Japanese girl. It’s best if her partner can help her relax for her first time. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you phrases that can relax her when it’s her first time.

  • 1. “It’s OK” and gently stroke her hair

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    “I get worried if he’s completely silent.” Make sure you pay attention to how she’s feeling, speak gently to her, and hug her. Be patient and don’t make any more advances until you know that she’s relaxed and she encourages you with a genuine smile or some other indication.

  • 2. Express affection by saying “I like you” or something similar

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    “If I know how he feels about me beforehand I will feel more relaxed.” Even if you say things like “I like you,” some Japanese girls may still have doubts. Make sure you look her straight in the eye when you say it to show that you’re serious and you mean it.

  • 3. “Let me give you a massage” and then take your time giving her one

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    “It lets me prepare myself, so it’s good.” A massage is a great way to get your partner to relax. Talk about happy/fun topics while giving her a massage to allow her to relax both physically and mentally.

  • 4. “Let’s listen to some music” and make sure to choose relaxing music

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    “If the room is completely silent, I get nervous.” Some Japanese girls will feel more relaxed with music, so make sure you have the music set up and ready to play in case you need it. Be careful about the music you choose, as it can make or break the mood. If you know what kinds of music she likes, then try and play that.

  • 5. “I’m feeling nervous too,” and smile at her

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    “It makes me feel relieved to know I’m not the only one that’s feeling nervous.” You will help her feel more relaxed by letting her know she’s not alone in feeling nervous. If it’s your first time as well, be honest and tell her you’re nervous as well, but feel happy that you get to lose your virginity together.

  • 6. Compliment her on her looks: “You’re so pretty—you’re irresistible”

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    “It makes me happy to be complimented.” Some Japanese girls will feel happy hearing compliments about their looks. If they are nervous about being seen without their clothes on, it may put them at ease. Try to make the compliments sound more special by saying things like “Your skin is so smooth and soft” or “I love your beautiful long legs” and she should feel happy.

  • 7. “This will help you relax” and hand her a warm drink

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    “He’s so kind and caring, it makes me happy.” Treating her well will help her relax. Of course, you don’t want her to think you’re trying to take advantage of her, so stay away from alcoholic drinks.

  • 8. “Please let me guide you” and pick her up and carry her to the bed

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    “It’s so unexpected, but it makes me feel happy.” By literally sweeping her off her feet you can help her forget her nervousness. You will also show your manly side by carrying her and she will feel more relaxed.

  • 9. “We don’t have to do it today” and show her you’re not desperate

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    “It would make me feel relieved that I don’t have to force myself to lose my virginity.” Some Japanese girls feel more at ease when they know they’re not being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. If she seems so uncomfortable that she doesn’t want to do it, control your need and tell her you can do it another time. She will like and respect you even more.

Last updated: November 04, 2017