9 Moments on the First Night That Cause a Japanese Girl to Decide You’re Sexually Incompatible

After the first night of having sex, a Japanese girl has already decided whether you are sexually compatible or not. So what makes a partner sexually incompatible in the female eyes? To help you avoid this from happening, we surveyed our female readers to bring you 9 moments when Japanese girls feel their partner is sexually incompatible.

  • 1. When you tell her to take her own clothes off

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    “He’s not going to take them off? Well that’s boring.” Some Japanese girls will think you’re lazy if you don’t try and take their clothes off. Even if the woman start taking them off on her own, tell her you want to help out. The act of taking them off together can be a turn on for some women.

  • 2. When he’s not a good kisser

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    “When his timing for kissing is off, I think our sex will be off too.” Japanese girls may see a bad initial kiss as a sign that you are sexually incompatible. Even if you don’t know how to kiss well, try focusing on kissing her passionately during sex—she might be moved by your passion.

  • 3. Painful foreplay

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    “There’s no point in foreplay when he’s just being rough.” When Japanese girls don’t feel good during foreplay, they won’t expect much from sex. Some men have the misconception that the rougher and stronger, the better. But this is wrong. Start off gently—gauge her reaction and increase pressure as you go.

  • 4. When he forces her to give him a blow job

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    “It’s the worst when he forces his penis in my mouth.” Many Japanese girls will find it a turnoff if the man is forceful when asking for a blow job. Some women actually don’t like giving blow jobs. If you ask her and she doesn’t want to do it, don’t force her.

  • 5. When he annoys her with too much dirty talk

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    “I really don’t get turned on by that stuff.” Just like the way you determine how to touch, you’ll have to gauge how she likes you to talk to her. If she doesn’t seem excited by the things you say, try to keep the dirty talk to a minimum and stick to complimenting her.

  • 6. When he can’t change sex positions smoothly

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    “I got really turned off once when he took forever to reposition himself.” You may run the risk of disappointing your Japanese girl if you’re too clumsy when changing sex positions. If you’re not that experienced, don’t push yourself to change positions too often. Instead, focus on one or two positions, and master those first before moving on to more difficult positions.

  • 7. When he moans too loudly

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    “It’s too distracting.” If you exaggerate your moans, Japanese girls find it distracting. Of course, being completely silent isn’t exciting either, but if you tend to get too loud during sex, try and tone it down a little.

  • 8. When he has weird fetishes like extreme BDSM

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    “If he wants to do all these crazy moves on our first night, I’ll get turned off.” If you’re too open about your extreme fetishes, some Japanese girls won’t be able to take it. Refrain from doing anything too out of the norm in the beginning. Gauge her reactions and learn her preferences before you open up.

  • 9. Constantly asking her if it feels good

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    “It gets so annoying! Is he that insecure?” Constant questioning can be a turnoff, and a Japanese girl will feel pressured to feel good. Try and limit how many times you ask her, such as during foreplay or when you enter her. Trust that she will let you know how she’s feeling, and relax and enjoy yourself too.

Last updated: November 04, 2017