8 Reasons Even Long-Term Japanese Girlfriends Fake It in Bed

No matter how close a woman feels to her man, there are times a Japanese girl will end up faking it in bed. Whether it’s faking the moans or an orgasm, why does she do it? We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 8 moments she will succumb to faking it, even with her long-term boyfriend.

  • 1. When she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, even though something doesn’t feel good

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    “Even although he’s careful about foreplay, it still doesn’t do that much for me.” Some Japanese girls feel guilty for not being able to feel good, even though their man is trying hard to please them. Next time during foreplay, even if she’s moaning, ask her things like, “What would make it feel even better?” and take your cue from her.

  • 2. When she feels happy seeing him trying so hard in bed

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    “I feel so touched by his efforts that I just want to reassure him.” Out of gratitude for their man’s efforts, some Japanese girls might exaggerate their reactions in bed. This might be the case with Japanese girls who regularly express gratitude and say thank you.

  • 3. When she wants to get herself excited

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    “Moaning actually helps me get turned on.” Some Japanese girls find it easier to get into the mood if they fake it first. If your woman is usually quiet during sex, try encouraging her to “moan louder if you want,” and maybe she will show a different side of herself.

  • 4. When things take too long and she just wants it to end

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    “He won’t come until I come.” Some Japanese girls will try to end sex by faking an orgasm. Some men think the longer he can last the more his woman will enjoy it. However, the excitement doesn’t always last forever. So it’s best to figure out when she’s satisfied and don’t carry on for too long past that point.

  • 5. When she wants to let him know where her erogenous zones are

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    “When I like something he’s doing, it I tend to moan louder and let him know that’s the spot that feels good for me.” Some Japanese girls will exaggerate in order to let their man know what kind of touch feels particularly good. Gauge your woman’s reaction so you won’t overlook her favorite places and you should be able to make her feel even better.

  • 6. When she doesn’t want to ruin the mood when things are heating up

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    “I would lose interest as well, if I’m keen but they’re not really reacting.” Japanese girls won’t always be in the mood for sex when her man is, and vice versa. She could be faking it to avoid disappointing him. At least she’s getting time with him.

  • 7. When he ruins the mood by constantly asking her “Does it feel good?”

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    “I lost my desire to come, but I feel bad for him so I’ll fake an orgasm.” Some Japanese girls have felt so fed up with the man asking if she’s come yet that they feel the need to fake an orgasm. It’s best to help a woman feel relaxed, and constantly asking her if she’s feeling good only puts unwelcome pressure on her. Avoid asking this question all the time.

  • 8. When she received a gift from him and wants to make him extra happy

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    “It makes me happy to know he cares about me.” Some Japanese girls will exaggerate things in bed to make their man happy, hoping he will express his gratitude in a thoughtful way. She’s most likely happy with you, so be happy with her reactions.

Last updated: February 12, 2018