9 Things Men Do in Bed that Frustrate Japanese Girls

Men want to satisfy their partners. Part of keeping a Japanese girl happy is knowing what to avoid. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 things men do in bed that frustrate Japanese grils.

  • 1. Being bad at letting the mood build up

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    “Just saying ‘Let’s do it’ doesn’t really turn me on.” Some Japanese girls will feel disappointed by men who try to take short cuts to sex. Even if you’ve reached a certain level of comfort with your long-term girlfriend, keep it exciting and special by being extra nice to her or trying new things.

  • 2. Doing the same routine foreplay

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    “It’s always the same and I don’t get excited anymore.” When sex becomes predictable, it gets boring. Japanese girls are excited and inspired by men who make an effort to improve themselves, in and out of the bedroom. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, never stop exploring new moves and new ways of pleasuring her.

  • 3. Finishing too early

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    “I didn’t even have time to enjoy myself.” Japanese girls will find it extremely frustrating if you finish ahead of them all the time. Just because you’ve come, don’t forget her pleasure. Try to finger her or give her oral so she can feel satisfied in the end as well.

  • 4. Having too many requests

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    “I’m not a tool for you to explore your fantasies with!” Some Japanese girls will get angry and think you’re selfish. Don’t forget about give-and-take in sex and listen to her requests as well. That way, you can satisfy each other in bed.

  • 5. Touching her so roughly that it hurts her

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    “Being rough doesn’t necessarily feel good.” You may be making the same mistake and hurting your woman. Keep in mind a woman’s vagina is extremely delicate, and even a small movement could make a difference. If you treat her gently she will feel more loved and cared for.

  • 6. Not calling her name out

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    “It makes me feel a little empty, and makes me question if he still loves me.” Some Japanese girls will feel sad when they don’t hear their partner calling out their name during sex. Next time, if you want her to feel special, look her in the eye and say her name.

  • 7. Going to sleep right after sex is over

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    “It makes me feel like he only wanted sex.” This action will make a woman feel sad and empty. If you’re too tired to stay awake, drift off to sleep while holding her hand or hugging her. Don’t leave her feeling lonely when sex is over.

  • 8. Slacking off on foreplay

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    “I feel like he sees foreplay as a duty.” This will make Japanese girls feel extremely empty and could ruin the mood for the rest of the night. If you’re not in the mood for sex, try not to let it start. She will sense when you are doing something because you feel obliged. When you are in the mood for sex, give your all, so she can feel the love.

  • 9. Going for the second round right away and not giving her time to rest

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    “I’m super exhausted.” Japanese girls will get annoyed if you force her into a second round without considering how she feels. Focus on the quality and not the quantity, and try to satisfy yourself during the first time.

Last updated: November 04, 2017