9 Moments During a Date When a Man Is Driven Wild – “I Can’t Resist Anymore!”

You’re on a date together, and the mood isn’t bad, but he won’t make a move. It may be because your man’s sexual switch hasn’t been flipped on yet. So when are a man’s passions at their peak during a date? Here, we surveyed our male readers to bring you, “Moments During a Date When a Man Is Driven Wild – ‘I Can’t Resist Anymore!’”

  • 1. When his attention is not on her and she suddenly folds her arms into his

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    “It suddenly brings us much closer together, and it’s thrilling.” Sudden physical contact will bring emotions to a high pitch. Try to time this move when your man is in deep concentration about something – like when he’s walking around in search of your destination, or when the conversation is really going well.

  • 2. When he tries to kiss her, and she teasingly refuses

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    “And when that happens, it’s fun to try to be a little pushy (lol).” Men often will get excited when a girl teases. if you’re refusing seriously, make sure he knows you’re not teasing. This is the kind of behavior that can lead to misunderstandings and worse.

  • 3. When sitting together, she leans her body into him

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    “Being physically close and with her smelling so nice, my whole body tensed up...” When a girl leans on a guy, even if he doesn’t like her that much, he will become sexually conscious of her. If you lean into him at the end of a date and say “I’m so tired...” you might stir his emotions and lead him to say something like, “Do you want to go somewhere and rest?”

  • 4. When he catches a glimpse of her bra strap

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    “It’s nice because you can tell her guard is down.” Some men will intuit that a woman is letting herself be open through little details – like allowing a glimpse of her underwear to show. When a woman is allowing herself to be caught off guard, it gives a man the sense that she’s “opening her heart to him,” and that arouses sexual feelings as well.

  • 5. When enjoying a game or some other form of entertainment together, he’s close enough to feel her breath

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    “Breaths are kind of sexual.” Men will sometimes let their sexual imaginations run wild when they can feel a woman breathing. When you’re having fun, letting yourself enjoy the moment and not worrying about your breathing or getting your hair mussed up can actually have the effect of stealing your man’s heart.

  • 6. When she unexpectedly enjoys a dirty joke

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    “When I imagine that maybe we’re both thinking the same thing...” Sometimes even an absentmindedly dirty joke can have the effect of arousing sexual feelings in a man. But if a woman were to rip off a series of dirty jokes, it might cause a man to withdraw, so try to keep your behavior limited to being an interested audience member.

  • 7. When she’s strangely obsessed or concentrating on something with a serious look on her face

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    “It’s endearing when I see her concentrating on something.” Observing a woman lost in thought can arouse the passion of some men. If you happen to notice that he’s been staring at you, pretending not to notice may be an effective tool.

  • 8. When something unexpected happens (like when she drops something), she lets out a sexy sigh, “Oh...”

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    “It makes me wonder, maybe that’s what she sounds like in bed...” It seems that many men have an instinctual reaction to a suddenly sexy voice. If your man tries to help you in such a situation, eagerly showing your appreciation may ignite an even bigger fire in him.

  • 9. When the topic turns to things that cause him to imagine her naked, like “bathing,” or “changing clothes”

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    “Even as we continue talking, I can’t help but fantasize.” Even in casual everyday conversation, sometimes men’s thoughts will drift into sexual areas. If you throw him a question like, “What part of your body do you wash first?” it can naturally lead his mind into erotic territory.

Last updated: October 18, 2016