7 Times Japanese girls Were So Glad to Have Boyfriends That They Almost Cried

It feels like a miracle when you meet someone you can genuinely trust, but how great would it be if you could make that special someone so happy she could cry. This time, we surveyed Japanese girls to introduce seven times Japanese girls were so glad to have boyfriends that they almost cried.

  • 1. He devoted himself to taking care of her when she was suffering from cramps

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    “My current boyfriend is so different from my ex, who used to tell me I was being too easy on myself.” You have the chance to show your girlfriend the man you can be when she is feeling mentally and physically vulnerable. Ask her if she’s been eating well and cook her something. She will surely tear up from how grateful she is regardless of how the food tastes.

  • 2. He worried and rushed over when she panicked after finding a bug in her house

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    “I couldn’t really ask my friends to help me with this situation.” When it comes to women feeling grateful for their boyfriends, there’s no moment like when they face something they hate and their boyfriends come to save the day. Once you catch the bug, set it free instead of killing it. Your girlfriend will look at you with admiration.

  • 3. He was ready to help as she prepared to move even though there was no end in sight

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    “I fell even more in love with him when I saw how he stacked up all the boxes.” You can prove you are dependable by showing your girlfriend you know how to get things organized . If you want to seem even more impressive, don’t just take on the physical work; help her make arrangements with the movers.

  • 4. He consoled her when she made a mistake at work and felt down

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    “I was hurt, but he healed me.” Sometimes, women choose only to open up to people who are closest to them, such as their boyfriends. You don’t need to give her advice; just focus on listening to her until she calms down.

  • 5. He came with his friends to help her pull out her car when it went into a ditch

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    “I lacked the strength to do it on my own.” When your girlfriend experiences trouble on the road, you have the chance to impress her by being at her service. Learn how to use automotive tools, like jacks to lift the car when changing a tire, to handle such emergencies.

  • 6. He was there to encourage her when she made a mistake, saying, “I will always be there for you”

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    “His words saved me.” You become irreplaceable to your girlfriend when you are there to support her at certain crossroads in her life. If you really want to help her, you might also need to be strict with her at times by saying something like, “I will be there when you need the help, but make sure you do everything you can in the meantime.”

  • 7. He supported her when she was seriously ill

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    “I was far from my hometown, and my boyfriend was the only person I could count on.” It will really touch your girlfriend’s heart when you support her like a family member would in times of trouble. Even if there’s nothing much you can do, you can go visit her at the hospital just to be there for her.

Last updated: October 15, 2017