9 Ways Japanese girls Have Grown from Being in Love

Falling in love is one of the most significant experiences that helps people grow. We need to recognize that love affects our partners as much as it affects us. Many Japanese girls feel that the experience of being in love has helped them develop as a person. This time, we asked Japanese girls how being in love made them grow.

  • 1. She became more accepting of others

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    “Once I accepted that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, I was able to be more patient in social situations.” Women learn to be kinder to others by getting to know their boyfriend’s flaws as well as his strengths. An important lesson to take away from this is to be considerate and to open up to each other.

  • 2. She gained perspective about her own shortcomings

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    “I finally came to understand my failings when I thought seriously about why my ex broke up with me.” People can gain a better understanding of themselves through the experience of falling in love with someone and expressing what they feel. Guys should learn how to gently point out their girlfriends’ weaknesses, while also complimenting her on what she does well.

  • 3. She got used to communicating with guys

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    “I used to be hesitant around guys, but I felt more and more comfortable once I started dating my boyfriend.” For women who aren’t used to being around guys, relationships provide an important opportunity to interact with the opposite sex. Guys should treat their girlfriends with warmth and kindness to help them better understand men.

  • 4. She learned to be assertive

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    “You can’t wait for the other person to do something for you. You need to tell them what you want.” Love can teach women, who are often used to letting guys take charge, to take initiative themselves. Guys can encourage their girlfriends to speak up so they feel at ease sharing their opinions.

  • 5. She started to pay attention to how she dresses

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    “I never used to care about how I dressed or if I had makeup on. Now I make sure I take care of myself, even in places that don’t show.” Getting a boyfriend can change the way women think, and they might start making more of an effort with their appearance. Guys should also make an effort to maintain a neat appearance. This way, couples can inspire each other to achieve a more sophisticated look.

  • 6. She learned to love herself by being accepted by her boyfriend

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    “I never used to like myself, but knowing that my boyfriend loved me helped me to love myself.” Falling in love can help women who don’t like themselves much to feel more positive about themselves. Guys can devote themselves to their girlfriends with deep affection to help them better accept themselves.

  • 7. She learned what kind of guy she’s most compatible with

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    “I tried dating different kinds of guys, and I learned that there’s a difference between who I idealize and who I actually see myself with.” Gaining experience in love can help women realize what kind of guys are actually compatible with them. The key here is to find someone who makes you feel comfortable.

  • 8. She learned to have fun by having new experiences

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    “Getting to know about my boyfriend’s life taught me that there’s so much more to this world.” Dating someone who’s totally different can help women discover new values and build new relationships. Couples can open up each other’s worlds by doing things together.

  • 9. She became stronger mentally

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    “I learned that men also have weaknesses, and they can be unreliable. I knew I couldn’t just expect them to keep me safe.” Being in love isn’t always an enjoyable experience, because it can also hurt. Women become stronger mentally through such experiences, but guys should still treat their loved ones with kindness and be there for them when they get hurt.

Last updated: October 13, 2017