9 Things Men Do During Sex that Turn a Japanese Girl Off

During sex, what you say or do can ruin the mood for her. So what are some things you should avoid doing? We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 things men do during sex that turn a Japanese girl off.

  • 1. Calling a different woman’s name out

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    “I can’t believe he’s thinking about other Japanese Girls during sex.” Calling out the name of another woman—especially the name of an ex—is a big taboo in sex. If you do slip up and call out your ex’s name, tell her excitement made your mind go blank and apologize sincerely.

  • 2. Picking up the phone during sex

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    “He’s just not in the moment.” Japanese Girls will get turned off if you pick up the phone during sex and leave her hanging there. If you’re expecting an important call, let her know before she’s in the mood for sex. Finish the call before you head to the bedroom.

  • 3. Not kissing her at all

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    “I can’t imagine having sex without kissing!” For most people, sex without kissing is too impersonal. If, for example, you’re nervous that your breath might smell bad after a meal, then let her know that why you’re avoiding her affectionate advances and assure her that it has nothing to do with not desiring her.

  • 4. Touching her roughly like they do in porn

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    “It hurts and doesn’t even feel good.” Japanese Girls will not appreciate it if you try the same moves that you’ve picked up from porn. Every woman is different, so show a bit of sensitivity and ask your woman what she prefers.

  • 5. Having too many requests

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    “He has so many requests that I can’t concentrate on my own feelings.” If you have too many requests and focus on getting all your needs met without thinking about her, you will seem very selfish. Make sure you ask her what her preferences are so it won’t just be one-sided.

  • 6. Saying things like, “Let’s get married!”

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    “If he is serious, it feels creepy. If he’s not serious, then he’s got a terrible sense of humor.” Japanese Girls won’t believe you if you say things like “Marry me” during sex. Even if you do mean it, just tell her how you want to be with her. Save the actual proposal for when you have planned it all out.

  • 7. Taking off his condom halfway through

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    “Okay, so what was the point of using a condom in the first place?” This is a huge no-no during sex and you will break her trust. It’s not worth risking unwanted pregnancy, so make sure you keep your condom on during sex.

  • 8. Asking her if you can take a photo of her

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    “I’d worry about who would see those photos later.” Japanese Girls will immediately get turned off if you try taking a photo of her naked. Unless she’s into that kind of stuff, don’t even have a camera near the bed.

  • 9. “I’m good, right?”

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    “He’s not even that good, so I don’t even know how to respond when he says something stupid like that.” Some men can come across as very arrogant in bed. Don’t assume you know it all; instead, make sure she’s feeling good. Stay humble and always be open to making her feel better.

Last updated: November 04, 2017