8 Things Men Do or Say Right After Sex With a Japanese Girl that are Major Turn Offs

No matter how great the sex was that you shared with your dream Japanese girl, saying or doing the wrong thing afterwards with leave her with bad memories. To avoid such disappointment, we surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 8 things men do or say right after sex with a Japanese girl that are major turn-offs.

  • 1. Smoking immediately

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    “This guy is so insensitive. He’s definitely not making me a priority.” Many Japanese girls were turned off by men who smoke right after having sex. If you think it’s going to be difficult to hold off on smoking right after, carry around some cough drops or gum. These things can still help with the urge to smoke without leaving a bad impression.

  • 2. “Let’s pretend like this didn’t happen tonight.”

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    “So he’s saying he regrets what happened?” Of course, words that will completely deny her existence or make her feel you just want to forget what happened is a definite no–no. She would feel happier if you say something like “I won’t be able to forget this night.”

  • 3. Asking her to give you a score on your performance

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    “It’s about feelings, so I can’t really score.” Turning sex into a competitive sport will only be an annoyance to her. Perhaps an appropriate way to mention scores is to compliment her by saying “Oh my god, that was like 120% amazing!” This should put a smile on her face.

  • 4. “I’m kind of interested in [so and so]” and bring up a different woman

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    “I don’t want to hear that!” Many Japanese girls will be completely turned off or even feel used. If you are going to talk, why don’t you talk about how you felt when you first met the woman you just had sex with. This can help improve the intimacy between you.

  • 5. Bragging about how good he is in bed when he’s actually not

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    “I don’t really care about what he thinks of himself.” Although the man might be proud of his technique, it may have left the woman completely unimpressed. Don’t forget it’s a dance between two people. Be humble and ask her for advice on how to improve by asking things like “Is there anything you wanted me to do differently?”

  • 6. Letting the woman clean up after sex

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    “He could be a bit more thoughtful!” It will just come off as irresponsible and uncaring. It is way more attractive for Japanese girls if you thoughtfully offer a few tissues or bring her a towel and take care of the small details.

  • 7. Criticizing her on how she was in bed

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    “My feelings for him will instantly turn cold.” Rating her negatively will only leave her in a bad mood. It’s better to talk about things in a positive light. Start by complimenting her on the things she did well. Tell her specifically what you liked and this should leave her feeling appreciated.

  • 8. Trying to force her head on your arm

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    “I was already feeling comfortable, but now I won’t be able to sleep well.” Offering your arm as a pillow may seem like a romantic gesture but not all Japanese girls find it comfortable. Japanese girls are different when it comes to how they want to sleep after sex. Be considerate. Find out what she likes instead of making her comply with your ideas.

Last updated: November 04, 2017