8 Things Men Do at the Start of Sex that Turn a Japanese Girl Off

What you do or say at the beginning of sex can either set up the mood or ruin it for the rest of the night. So we surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 8 things men do at the start of sex that turn a Japanese girl off, so you won’t make the same mistake next time.

  • 1. Taking off her clothes immediately

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    “He comes across as desperate.” This may be good for long-term couples to make things spicy; however, in the beginning, some Japanese girls will be turned off. Start out by hugging and kissing her to build up the mood. Once you get that mood set up, then you can start taking her clothes off.

  • 2. Not being prepared with condoms

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    “This is a huge disappointment.” Some Japanese girls get turned off by men who don’t consider the risk of pregnancy and this can also come across as irresponsible. If you don’t have any condoms with you, just keep stick with foreplay. Refrain from having sex without a condom or go buy some.

  • 3. Pointing out her insecurities

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    “I immediately get turned off and lose interest in him in general.” Try not to bring up her insecurities right before sex, especially regarding her body. Don’t bring up her faults but compliment her on her positive traits, and this should make her feel better and more enthusiastic.

  • 4. Not taking a shower

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    “This is especially gross after he sweats a lot from a workout.” Hygiene is important—women will not want to have sex with anyone hot and sweaty. If you want to use this time to set up the mood, ask her if she wants to join you in the shower and start the night with some steamy action.

  • 5. Playing video games as soon as they get to his place

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    “I don’t see why I even came to his place…” These actions can give her a mixed signal and she will get turned off. If you really want to play video games, why not play one together after sex and enjoy it as a fun joint activity.

  • 6. Smoking cigarettes

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    “I can’t stand the smell and taste when we have sex.” Some Japanese girls can tolerate a smoker but smoking right before sex can be a big turn-off. Try your best to avoid lighting up. If you really can’t resist the urge, try chewing some gum instead.

  • 7. Start talking on the phone with a friend

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    “So he just leaves me alone and it makes me want to go home.” Anyone would get angry if they were left alone while you are on a long phone conversation with your friend. Put your phone on silent so there won’t be any distractions before and during sex.

  • 8. Talking about your ex’s sexual preferences

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    “It makes me feel like he’s comparing me to her, so I don’t like it.” Some Japanese girls will get turned off if you talk about how your sex life was with your ex. If you’re not satisfied with your sex life with your girlfriend, don’t mention your ex. Instead, suggest doing a few things you want to try.

Last updated: November 04, 2017