6 Deceitful Behaviors He Cannot Forgive

It’s never a good idea to lie or withhold information, but there are certain deceitful behaviors that really infuriate men. What are they? Today, based on a survey we conducted with men, we describe 6 deceitful behaviors that men cannot forgive (or forget).

  • 1. You were two-timing him and seeing another man.

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    “Unbelievable. I cannot trust women anymore.” The more planned and conniving your affair, the deeper your boyfriend will be hurt. It’s never a good idea to have an affair, but if you gave into temptation and had a one-night stand, try to clean up your act before he suspects anything.

  • 2. You lied about working late to go to a speed-dating event.

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    “What a bitch! I feel like a fool rubbing her back after her long day at ‘work’.” Sooner or later, he is going to find out about your secret extracurricular activity. If someone invites you to a speed-dating event or a party in order to match head count, be honest and forthcoming with your boyfriend.

  • 3. You broke up with your ex because you were having an affair with your current boyfriend.

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    “She told me that they broke up because of him and I believed her.” It may not reflect favorably on you to tell the truth, but it’s not fair to your ex either. You may also lose your current boyfriend’s trust if he finds out the truth. While there’s no reason to go into details about your past, if he asks, simply say that you’re not comfortable talking about it.

  • 4. You recently dated a mutual friend.

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    “I didn’t know about it, and it made things very awkward between me and my friend.” You may not feel it’s necessary to tell him about your past relationships, but if it involved a friend of his, it may be wise to be forthcoming to save his friendship. There are many good examples of happy relationships which are built on honesty even if the truth is difficult to swallow at first.

  • 5. You resigned from your job without telling him.

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    “I’m her boyfriend, and I wish she had talked to me about it before resigning.” Leaving your job is a major life decision and you may want to share it with your boyfriend. Even if you had already made up your mind to quit, tell him first so he knows that you consider him a part of your life.

  • 6. You implied that you might be pregnant to try and save the relationship.

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    “It’s a human being we are talking about.” Pregnancy involves a tiny person and is an enormous life-changer. It’s not something to bementioned lightly. Even if you can temporarily save the relationship, you will be left with a huge amount of guilt to process on your own. If your relationship is in danger, try saving it with your love instead.

Published: July 21, 2017