9 Phrases to Avoid When Having Sex with a New Japanese Girlfriend for the First Time

Some men slip up and say the wrong thing on the first night with a new partner, which can lead to an awkward experience or ruin his chances with her altogether. To keep you from making a mistake in the heat of the moment, we surveyed our Japanase female readers to learn about 9 phrases that turn them off when sleeping with a new Japanese girlfriend for the first time.

  • 1. “I’m good, aren't I?”

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    “He’s not even good and it just makes me angry.” Whether your skills are up to par or not, arrogance can be a major turn off, especially if you think you’re better at the act than she does. Japanese girls enjoy different things in the moment, so don’t just assume the same moves will work on every girl. When it’s your first time with a Japanese girl, stay humble, ask her if she’s feeling good, and gauge her reaction when you do things to see if you’re on the right track.

  • 2. “You could stand to gain/lose some weight.”

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    “I didn’t want to hear that.” Saying critical things about a Japanese girl’s body is not the way to get her in the mood. This is the time to focus on compliments, like telling her that her curves or her gorgeous eyes drive you crazy. Making a few positive comments about her can help her relax and lead to a more intimate experience for both of you.

  • 3. “If you don’t make noise I can’t get excited.”

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    “I don’t want to have to force myself to be loud.” Even if certain sounds turn you on, don’t pressure your partner to perform for you. If she’s shy and doesn’t want to moan or talk dirty, accept that not everyone is aroused by the same things. You can still whisper a few sexy remarks in her ear or be as vocal as you’d like, but she will feel more secure and relaxed knowing that she can be herself in the moment.

  • 4. “Can you go shower again?”

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    “It definitely kills the mood.” Feeling like she’s not clean enough for her partner is sure to make a Japanese girl feel uncomfortable. If personal hygiene is getting in the way of getting it on, make cleaning up part of the experience. Take a sensual shower or bath together to heat things up, then move back to the bedroom for some fun.

  • 5. “You look so different without makeup on.”

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    “I wouldn’t want to show him my bare face again.” A comment like this could make your partner feel like she’s only beautiful to you when she’s wearing full makeup, and creating insecurity is not the way to get her in the mood. Most Japanese girls look different without makeup, so stick to compliments to avoid having your romantic plans fall apart before they’ve even begun.

  • 6. “Did you forget to shave?”

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    “There are days I forget, can’t he give me a break?” Whether you have a preference about body hair or not, criticizing a Japanese girl on your first night together is a good way to ensure she won’t come back for round 2. If her body hair is a big turn off for you, wait until you’re more comfortable with one another to bring up the subject, and be gentle. Asking her if she’s tried waxing or shaving to improve her sensations during sex is a good way to see if she’s interested in grooming without hurting her feelings.

  • 7. “I don’t have to wear a condom, right?”

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    “I can understand if we’re in a serious relationship, but I can’t believe he’d bring it up during our first time together.” With a new partner, wearing a condom isn’t just good manners, it also communicates that you are serious about protecting yourself and your partner from infections and pregnancy. Pressuring her for condom-free sex the first time makes her feel like you are only interested in your own pleasure, and may ruin the moment altogether.

  • 8. “I don’t think that we’re sexually compatible.”

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    “I am always nervous with a new partner, so I don’t want him to jump to conclusions early on.” Most people are at least a bit anxious when bringing home someone new, so try not to judge her after just one experience together. If compatibility seems to be an issue the first time around, ask her if she’d be interested in trying again so you both can practice pleasing one another. This allows you to work on your compatibility while keeping the tone positive.

  • 9. “Come on, do it better/faster/harder!”

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    “Who does he think he is? Seriously!” A condescending and demanding partner is a big turn off. Don’t just focus on pursuing your own pleasure during your first time together. Ask her how she’s feeling or what you can do better to make the experience great for both of you.

Last updated: November 04, 2017