9 Moves Men Love in Bed

Lovemaking is essential for intimate relationships. Why not take the time to make your man feel his best? We surveyed our female readers to bring you 9 moves men love in bed so you can try them on your man.

  • 1. Move your hips while licking his nipple during cowgirl position

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    “They seem to enjoy it even more when you lick gently.” By stimulating both down there and his nipple, you can increase his pleasure. If you’re moving your hips back and forth, try and lick his nipples in time with your hip movement. If you’re moving your hips up and down, then tap his nipples with your tongue.

  • 2. Compliment him by saying things like, “You’re so big, it feels so good.”

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    “This will boost his ego and the sex will get even hotter.” Not only do you boost his confidence, you boost his excitement during sex, too. Don’t forget to compliment him even after the deed is over, saying things like “I can’t get enough of you.” He’ll definitely be a happy camper.

  • 3. Rub against each other using lube

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    “It works best if you go strong.” This is an exciting move, as it’ll give your man a different sensation than usual. Get on top of him and rub yourself against him; move your hips and give him a deep, passionate French kiss.

  • 4. Suck strongly and make some loud noise while giving him a blowjob

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    “Make some slurping sounds if you can.” Sounds from a blowjob add to the excitement for men. If you suck too strongly, though, it might be painful for him, or he might cum even before you guys can have sex. If you want to enjoy your session longer, try and take breaks so he doesn’t cum too early.

  • 5. Blindfold him and touch and lick him all over

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    “He was breathing even heavier than usual.” When his eyes are covered, his senses heighten. Try some dirty talk or some soft-core BDSM play and this will add some spice in the bedroom.

  • 6. Wet his penis with your saliva and give him a hand job

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    “He seems happier than if I were to use lube, seems to turn him on more.” Guys get turned on by hand jobs with wet saliva. Let him enjoy the view, too, so he’s stimulated visually as well. Just seeing you kissing him and letting your saliva run down his shaft should turn him on big time.

  • 7. Let your breath come out as you moan in his ear

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    “A lot of men get turned on by this.” Men can’t take it when they feel the girl’s breath by their ear. However, if you do it too loudly it could get annoying, so try and let your voice out softly as if you’re trying to hold it in.

  • 8. Squeeze your breasts with your hands during sex

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    “The stronger you squeeze, the more it looks like you’re enjoying yourself.” Many men feel happy seeing their girl enjoying sex with them that much. You can also take his hand and guide it to your breasts and this will turn him on even more.

  • 9. Lick his fingers

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    “It’s even more erotic if you take the time to lick each finger.” Not only does it look erotic, but the fingers are a pretty sensitive spot, so you’ll be stimulating him in two ways. Look at him as you do it. Some men like it when you lick their toes, too.

Published: April 17, 2017