9 Ways Men Can Avoid Disappointing a Japanese Girl Even If He Didn’t Orgasm During Sex

Sex is usually finished off with the man ejaculating. However, if the timing and conditions aren’t right, some men cannot reach orgasm. When this happens, Japanese girls can feel insecure, like she’s not enough to satisfy him. We surveyed our female readers to bring you 9 ways men can avoid disappointing a Japanese girl, even if they don’t orgasm during sex.

  • 1. Say “I drank too much” and emphasize how drunk you feel

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    “I can understand if he’s having trouble getting hard because of the alcohol.” Many Japanese girls find it understandable for men to under-perform because of alcohol. Let her know that you’ll try to avoid hard liquor next time and this should reassure her without ruining the mood.

  • 2. Say “Work is exhausting at the moment. We have so many projects on right now” with a browbeaten look

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    “I will worry more about his health than whether or not he came.” This will shift her focus off your orgasm and onto your health. Show her you feel apologetic by saying things like “I was trying not to think about work today but I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry” and she will be more willing to understand your situation.

  • 3. Say “I got a bit nervous today” and laugh a little

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    “He’s so adorable. I just want to hug him!” This will give off that innocent vibe which she should find it easy to accept. If you add in, “I was challenging myself to try a new sex position so I got nervous,” you will create the impression that you are into sex, but your nerves got the better of you on this occasion.

  • 4. Say “I actually masturbated this morning” and be apologetic.

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    If you laugh while saying this, then it will sound inconsiderate. Add something reassuring like, “I won’t masturbate in the mornings anymore!” If you say it with good humor, she should smile and still look forward to having sex with you another time.

  • 5. Say “I’ve been pulling all nighters because of work” and look really tired with half-closed eyes

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    “I will make sure he gets the sleep he needs.” This will definitely get her to cooperate with you and let you sleep. When going to sleep you can say things like, “Can I nap a bit and then try?” This should make her still feel desired.

  • 6. Say “My stomach’s been hurting” and hold your stomach

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    “I will feel so touched that he was still trying to have sex even with a bad stomach.” This will reassure her that she is still desired. Make sure you comfort her by saying that you already took medication, so she won’t feel worried about you further.

  • 7. Say “I was too excited I couldn’t orgasm!” and look deep into her eyes

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    “Is my body that great? It gives me an ego boost!” This phrase will help boost her confidence. You can also say “Let’s figure out a good position for the two of us next time!” and this will confirm that you’re still eager to have sex with her.

  • 8. Say “It felt so good, I didn’t want it to end!”

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    “I can relate to him!” This will be easy to accept for the Japanese girl too. Add phrases like, “Don’t worry about me, and come as much as you want.” This gives her permission to look after her own satisfaction and you can both wake up feeling intimate and happy.

  • 9. Say “It’s okay to have days like this, right?” with a confident tone in your voice

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    “Yeah, I guess he’s right. This makes me feel better.” Reassure her that the male body can have days like this and it will prevent her from taking it personally. You can also say, “I will make sure to climax tomorrow!” and this should make her feel relieved.

Last updated: November 04, 2017