9 Phrases to Get a Japanese Girl to Give You Honest Feedback on Your Sexual Performance

No matter how confident a man is, it’s not always easy to tell what the Japanese girl actually thinks of his skills in bed. It seems common for men to get only a general answer that’s short of specific, helpful detail. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to find out how a man can approach a Japanese girl to get honest feedback.

  • 1. “It felt really good for me, but honestly, how was it for you?”

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    “It makes it easier to answer him because he’s sharing his feelings too.” If you let her know how you feel first, it’s easier for her to open up. Also, be specific in terms of what felt good and she will be more likely to give you detailed feedback as well.

  • 2. “Did it hurt? Was it okay?”

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    “I can let him know that he can go a little gentler.” This phrase is great because it shows you care for her and you can also get feedback from her. If it hurts her, it means you’re going too rough, so you will know to take things easy when you have sex with her next time.

  • 3. “I really want to make you feel good, so tell me honestly how I scored”

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    “He’s saying it’s for my enjoyment, so I will gladly give him a score.” It makes it easier for Japanese girls to give feedback if they know their man wants to improve. If your score is lower than you had expected, don’t feel down. Take the feedback and stay positive and your thoughtfulness will leave her with a good impression.

  • 4. “I thrive on constructive criticism, so tell me your honest feedback!”

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    “It will be easier to give him feedback if he’s happy to take criticism.” Tell her you want to hear the bad points as well as the good, and she will feel more comfortable sharing with you. You can also ask her how specific moves felt to her as well, and this can motivate her to give you a helpful answer.

  • 5. “It was the third best sex in my life! How was it for you?”

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    “Since he’s playful, I can be playful in my feedback too.” If you start with a joke and tell her the ranking, she will feel more relaxed about giving you a ranking as well. If she does take it seriously, she may feel hurt, so make sure you include other jokes to keep the mood light.

  • 6. “Was I able to make you come?”

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    “It’s nice that he asks.” If you ask her if she was able to climax, she will be happy to tell you the truth. You can also mention your lack of experience and she will be happy to offer some suggestions for next time.

  • 7. “I tried studying up on it. Did it work?”

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    “I can feel that he really put some effort in, so I can tell him my honest feelings too.” If she knows you challenged yourself to improve she will be happy to give you honest feedback. You can also ask her things like “Are there any kinds of fantasies you’re interested in?” and this can open doors to new sexual pleasure.

  • 8. Say “Did tonight’s service meet your requirements, Your Highness?” and kiss her hand

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    “When he makes a joke out of it, I feel at ease answering him.” When asking her, don’t let it get too serious. Treat it with humor and a kind of queen-and-butler role play. Give her a nice gentlemanly smile so she can feel more relaxed when answering your questions.

  • 9. “Should I have gone softer?”

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    “It makes me happy he’s asking, since I would feel awkward mentioning it first.” By asking her specific questions, you will get specific answers. Ask her yes/no questions and her feedback will give you useful insights.

Last updated: November 04, 2017