9 Phrases That Will Make Your Japanese Girlfriend Want to Go for a Second Round

Not everybody wants to go for a second round after having sex. Even if you are eager, your partner may not be so enthusiastic. Your Japanese girlfriend might get turned off if you try for a second round without saying anything first. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 phrases to say that will make your Japanese girlfriend want to go for a second round as well.

  • 1. “It felt so good! I want to do it again!”

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    “This will make me feel good, and I will most likely go for it too.” Many Japanese girls appreciate the honesty and directness and it will make them more likely to be up for a second round. If you compliment her on specific moves, she may be inspired to show off a few more of her talents.

  • 2. “I want to stay connected with you.”

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    “It’s a romantic phrase and makes me feel loved!” Build up the mood with sweet phrases and try to bring it to the second round. This phrase will have even more impact if you look deep into her eyes after a couple of kisses.

  • 3. “I’m so happy to be with you!”

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    “It makes me happy and I’ll want to do it again.” By telling her honestly how you feel and how happy you are, Japanese girls will feel more open to a second round. It’s best to give her a big hug to show how much you cherish her as you make this declaration.

  • 4. “I want to do it again…would you be up for it?”

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    “It’s so cute he’s asking.” Japanese girls appreciate it when you consider her feelings and she will be happy to honor yours by going for a second round. If she seems tired, do give her a bit of time to recover before going for a second round.

  • 5. “I’m getting hard again (laugh)”

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    “Well, if he’s hard again, then what can we do (laugh).” Jokingly let her know that your body doesn’t lie and you’re turned on by her again. Take her hand and guide it to your penis and you may be able to move smoothly onto a second round.

  • 6. “We’re so compatible, I could do this for hours.”

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    “It makes me happy that he feels like we’re a perfect match.” You can compliment her and let her know that you want to keep having sex with her. If you came too quickly the first round due to your sexual compatibility, try to take your time for the second round so she will feel satisfied.

  • 7. “I wish morning wouldn’t come.”

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    “It sounds so nice and romantic.” Let her know you still want to make love to her. After the first round, cuddle in bed together and say this phrase. Knowing you desire her so much should have a strong impact on her.

  • 8. “I won’t let you sleep just yet (laugh).”

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    “This would definitely turn me on (laugh).” By pointing out that the night is young, you emphasize that there’s still plenty of time for more sex and there’s a high chance she will be up for it. Of course, if you force her into a second round too quickly she will get turned off, so make sure she is also up for it before you continue.

  • 9. “If it’s with you, I can do it many times.”

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    “It’ll make me want to say, ‘then do you want to try?’” She will feel even happier if you say “With you, I can have sex till I faint.” However, after the second round, sex may become boring with the same moves. Make sure you change things up every time so it won’t get boring.

Last updated: November 04, 2017