9 Trivial Habits That Annoy Him

You don’t mean any harm, but seemingly trivial habits of yours can annoy him more than you might imagine. In some cases, his frustration will build to the point where one day he explodes. Today, based on a survey we conducted, we will introduce you to the minor but familiar habits that irritate men.

  • 1. You try to involve him in your favorite horoscope.

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    “She said, ‘The horoscope said to avoid this direction.’ I cannot keep up with it and, frankly, I don’t want to get involved.” It is your right to believe what you want to believe, but it is unreasonable to force him to play along with you. It’s OK for you to mention your beliefs occasionally, but it will be a burden to him if he has to deal with them too frequently.

  • 2. You find great joy in gossiping.

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    “I imagine she gossips about me when I’m not around.” If your gossip becomes a daily occurrence, it is only natural for him to suspect that you tattle about him to others when he is not around. Unless it’s an innocent chat, gossiping never produces anything pleasant.

  • 3. “I don’t think men understand this.” That’s a good way to alienate a man altogether.

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    “She doesn’t even try to explain. It’s so annoying.” Your generalizations about men completely ignore his individuality and rub him the wrong way. It is not men vs. women. Try to deepen your mutual understanding of what makes each of you unique, rather than nitpicking about the differences.

  • 4. You talk plenty about yourself but don’t listen to him.

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    “She gets mad if I don’t listen to her wholeheartedly, but when it is my turn to talk, she plays with her cell phone.” This is simply bad manners and you only have yourself to blame if he loses his temper. Even if you cannot relate to the topic, displaying your disinterest is outright rude.

  • 5. You are impatient when you want him to respond to your messages, but you leave his messages unanswered.

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    “It is just selfish, isn’t it?” Even in electronic communication, there is an unspoken rule about responding promptly. If you enforce this rule with him, it is only fair for you to adhere to the same rule.

  • 6. You are too close to your male friends.

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    “What if I’m good friends with other girls? How does she feel about that?” He cannot help but feel threatened by the presence of your male friends. The closer you and your male friends are, the more troubling it is for him. Try not to ruffle your boyfriend’s feathers by referencing your male friends in front of him or tagging them on social networking sites.

  • 7. When things get tough, you use the “I’m just a girl” card.

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    “I understand if she cannot carry something heavy, like luggage, but for anything she doesn’t want to do, she plays the feminine card and tries to get out of it. Not fair.” Your femininity should not be used as an excuse to pass unwanted tasks to your boyfriend. Particularly when you are in a heated argument, using the “I’m just a girl” phrase will only infuriate him even more, and for good reason.

  • 8. You don’t show appreciation for his line of work.

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    “My colleagues and I are passionate about what we do. I don’t understand why she cannot appreciate that.” He gets livid over your dismissiveness about what he does and how strongly he feels about his job. Unless you feel his job is too stressful and is damaging his health, don’t make negative comments about his work.

  • 9. “So typical of Latinos…” You reference his race when you criticize him.

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    “I feel like I have to defend all Latinos!” This is not only rude: it’s politically incorrect to bring his race or ethnic background into the picture, and connect it with something negative. You should be ashamed of yourself. The things we cannot change, whether it is our skin color, ancestry, or family background, should never be referenced negatively.

Published: July 22, 2017