Do you think you are my mother? 9 Meddling Things You Do That Upset Your Boyfriend

Giving each other some space and behaving appropriately as a girlfriend are prerequisites to making your relationship last. Although you are dating, if you carry your kindness to excess or act as if you own the place, your boyfriend might get irritated. This time, based on our survey of guys, we introduce to you “Do you think you are my mother? 9 meddling things you do that upset your boyfriend.”

  • 1. You get pushy and try to set a curfew for him, like “You need to come home by ○ o’clock!”

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    “It rubs me the wrong way when she tells me what time I need to come home, like that’s normal.” You overstep your boundaries by setting a curfew. Curtailing your boyfriend’s freedom might be met with objections. A better way to communicate your affection would be to let him know more modestly, by saying something like, “It makes me more comfortable when you come home earlier.”

  • 2. You interfere with the way he spends money, saying, “You’re wasting money again!”

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    “When she starts to criticize the way I spend my money, I just want to ask her who she thinks she is.” Your boyfriend might become distrustful of you if you start to interfere with his financial decisions, small or large. You could mention something like “I’d love for us to go to a fancy restaurant some time,” to encourage your boyfriend to save.

  • 3. You clean his room without asking and throw away important things, like “I got rid of the trash for you”

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    “I question how she has the nerve to invade my privacy.” Young men don’t appreciate people meddling with things in their rooms without their permission. Ask him first, like “Can I vacuum your room?” so you can maintain a trustful relationship.

  • 4. You pick out an outfit for him and push him to wear it, like “Guys should just wear white shirts!”

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    “I feel like I’m being treated as one of her belongings.” Making excessive requests about how your boyfriend dresses could be damaging to his ego and insulting to his fashion sense. He might listen better if you consider how you communicate recommendations like this. You can say something like “You look great in jeans, but chinos might look nice on you, too.”

  • 5. You rush him and order him around, impatiently saying things like, “Come on, get ready already.”

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    “I feel suffocated when she tells me do this, do that.” Your boyfriend will take it personally when you try to control him. Rather than pushing your pace on him, you should meet him halfway to make things work.

  • 6. You cook a large amount of food without being asked, saying, “There’s more for seconds!”

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    “I find it annoying that she cooks when I didn’t even ask her to.” Your boyfriend might actually feel irritated when you cook for him, even though you assumed he would be happy about it. You should ask him “Are you hungry?” or “Is there something you want to eat?” to make sure you’re both on the same page.

  • 7. You interfere with his social life: “You shouldn’t hang out with those kind of friends”

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    “I want her to leave my friends out of it.” Your boyfriend may shun you if you interfere with his social life. Getting your boyfriend to talk about his past friendship stories and understanding the history behind his friendships might help you control the urge to butt in.

  • 8. You buy him health products and push them on him

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    “It’s just annoying when she gives me something that I don’t even want in a patronizing way…” Your boyfriend might treat gifts that don’t match his values as “an unwelcome favor.” Rather than pushing them on him, invite him to join you by saying something like, “It looks so fun, let’s do it together!” This should make him less resistant.

  • 9. You try to interfere with his long-term life decisions, like “You should get life insurance for the future”

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    “Mind your own business! She starts to feel too much for me.” You might be treated as a nuisance when you make manipulative or self-interested suggestions for the future. Until he officially proposes to you, you shouldn’t go further than describing what your own dreams are, like “One day, I’d love to live in a house where I can have a dog.”

Published: July 23, 2017