9 Comments That Discourage Your Boyfriend in a Fitting Room

We all fish for compliments when we try on clothes in a store. No matter how close you and your boyfriend are, if you carelessly say something negative, you might end up discouraging him with your remarks. This time, we surveyed guys to introduce to you “9 comments that discourage your boyfriend in a fitting room.

  • 1. You laugh and tell him, “That doesn’t suit you at all”

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    “She doesn’t have to laugh at me…” Many guys find that being laughed at by their girlfriends hurts their ego. Even if you intended to simply laugh cheerfully, this could have the opposite effect. Instead of laughing, just give your boyfriend matter-of-fact opinions, like “Maybe we should look for something else. “

  • 2. You tell him that something is off, like “It looks like the suit is ‘wearing’ you”

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    “It’s annoying that she’s treating me like a child.” When you tell your boyfriend that he doesn’t look good in a suit, he might take it to mean you are saying, “You are still a child.” Start off by making a positive comment, like “You look fashionable,” and then suggest another outfit.

  • 3. Point out that he’s chubby, like “That looks too tight”

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    “I’m self-conscious about it. She doesn’t have to bother telling me.” There are things you should say and things you shouldn’t say, regardless of how close you are. People have deep-rooted complexes about their bodies, so it’s best not to go there unless your boyfriend mentions it himself. Another way to say the same thing might be, “The fit isn’t right for you.”

  • 4. You’re critical without specifying a reason, like “Something’s off”

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    “What does she mean by ‘something’!? I want her to be more explicit.” If you criticize the outfit without being specific about the reasons why it doesn't look good on your boyfriend, he’ll just be annoyed and feel as if he’s at fault. If you don’t know why the outfit doesn’t work, consult a store associate, who can give you a professional opinion. You might be surprised by how quickly the problem is resolved.

  • 5. You bring up your mutual guy friend, saying something like, “This would look good on ○○”

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    “I feel like I’ve just been told my friend looks better than me.” Your boyfriend will feel competitive when you mention another guy’s name. You could tell him something like, “It doesn’t match your taste” or “It doesn’t suit your character” instead, to avoid the problem.

  • 6. After you recommend an outfit, you take it back, like “Actually, that doesn’t work”

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    “I feel humiliated (cry).” When you recommend an outfit but then take it back, guys feel as if they’ve been fooled. If you find something that might look good on your boyfriend, hold the outfit on him in front of a mirror to see how it looks before getting him to try it on.

  • 7. Indirectly imply that he looks out of style, like, “You look like a dad”

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    “That discourages me, like ‘I know I look old.’” Guys feel down when they hear words that suggest they look like a middle-aged man. Be careful when you use words such as “calm,” “dignified,” or “wise,” too, as these can also be taken the wrong way.

  • 8. You don’t show interest, saying things like, “I think… whatever works”

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    “I wanted to pick her brain …” Many guys are disappointed when they realize that their girlfriends—whom they expect to enjoy going on a “shopping date”—are not really into it. You should approach shopping with your boyfriend as an important activity, “as if you are shopping for yourself.”

  • 9. You dampen his excitement by saying, “Don’t you already have something similar?”

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    “I can’t argue when she points that out (wry).” Even if you are telling the truth, you ruin your boyfriend’s fun shopping experience by raining on his parade. First, compliment him by saying something like, “That kind of outfit will definitely look good on you.” Then, encourage him by saying something like “Why don’t you try something different today?”

Published: July 25, 2017