How Compliment Her Body When You See a Japanese girl Naked for the First Time

When it’s your first time with a new Japanese girlfriend just a simple compliment about her body can make her feel happy and relaxed, and help bring the two of you closer. It could be useful to have some phrases ready for the first night with a new Japanese girlfriend. So we surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you phrases to say when you see a Japanese girl naked for the first time.

  • 1. “Your skin is so soft and smooth”

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    “Not many men notice that, so it makes me happy.” Men who notice these small details are ahead of the game. If you want to step it up you can also say things like, “What kind of skincare products do you use?” and this should make her happy that her efforts have paid off.

  • 2. “You have a sexy figure”

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    “I care about my figure, so if he complimented it I’d feel so happy.” This is especially effective for Japanese girls who are working on their figure through dieting and working out. Telling her how much you appreciate a fit, sexy body should give her a good impression of you, too.

  • 3. “Your neck makes me want to be like Dracula.”

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    “It’ll make me laugh and want him to bite my neck.” Bringing humor into the bedroom can help her feel relaxed and happy. Relax and have fun with her: after saying that phrase you can add some light biting to add some playfulness to the session.

  • 4. “Your belly button is so cute”

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    “It makes me feel happy that he’s paying attention to even the small details.” Japanese girls will feel happy when you notice things people don’t usually notice. Gently stroke her belly and kiss her there as well—this should add a more intimate feeling to the sex.

  • 5. “You have nice legs”

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    “It makes me feel happy to know that my daily routine has paid off.” Japanese girls will feel more confident if they hear compliments, too. Adding more specific compliments that show you’re noticing important details should make her feel even happier.

  • 6. “Your nipples are so cute”

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    “Since it’s not something people usually see, I wasn’t sure how my nipples are perceived, so it made me feel happy.” Japanese girls will appreciate it if you are straightforward with your compliments. You can also add things like, “I just want to suck on them”—make it a joke and you can lighten the mood.

  • 7. “You’re just like a model”

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    “Even if this is him exaggerating, it makes me smile.” Any time you compare a Japanese girl to a model it’s a huge compliment to her. Let her know how happy you are to get to be with a girl like her, and she should feel extra happy.

  • 8. “Your butt is round and cute”

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    “I usually don’t pay attention to it myself, so I feel happy.” Since it’s a part of the body she usually can’t see, this is a nice compliment for her to hear. You can even exaggerate a little and say things like, “You have the perfect shape” to make her feel appreciated.

Last updated: November 04, 2017