9 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Sexually Experienced Japanese Girl in Bed

If you end up in bed with a Japanese girl that has lots of experience, it may be tempting to ask her some questions. However, depending on what you ask, you may end up offending her or come off as annoying. To prevent you from making that mistake, we bring you 9 questions not to ask a sexually experienced Japanese girl in bed.

  • 1. “You seem experienced. So how many people have you had sex with?”

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    “It’s really annoying when all he cares about is how many people I’ve slept with.” This can be a major turn off when men blatantly ask for the number of people a Japanese girl has slept with. Try to avoid this question if you can, unless she brings it up first and is open to talking about it.

  • 2. “Where did you learn that technique?”

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    “Do you really want to know the fact that I learned it from my ex?” It may be best to avoid such questions as it’ll usually bring up past experiences with former lovers. If you’re impressed with her technique, you can compliment her on but don’t pry into where she learned it.

  • 3. “So where do I fall in the ranking of your guys, in terms of how good I am in bed?”

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    “Even if he asks this, I can’t really put a ranking on it.” Some Japanese girls will feel uncomfortable when put on the spot like this. If you’re really curious about how you’re performing, focus on improving your own skills and ask her what she likes.

  • 4. “You’ve dated lots of older men, haven’t you?”

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    “It annoys me that he just draws conclusions like that.” Japanese girls won’t take it well if you assume things about her past. If you’re simply curious about her past experiences, ask her, “What was the age of the oldest guy you’ve ever dated?”

  • 5. “So you like it rough?”

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    “Does he think I’m less sensitive or something?” It’s unwise and inconsiderate to assume a Japanese girl is less sensitive or needs something more extreme to feel turned on just because she’s more experienced in bed.

  • 6. “So what kind of crazy things have you tried?”

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    “It doesn’t mean I have some weird fetish.” Some Japanese girls might feel offended if you assume they’re crazy in bed. Instead of making quick assumptions, ask her what kinds of things she’s into.

  • 7. “So you’ve been getting around, huh?”

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    “It’s not really a nice thing to say.” This gives the perception that you see her as some sort of slut and is a definite mood killer. It’s better to say something like, “You must have a lot of guys going for you.”

  • 8. “Were you an escort?”

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    “I want him to realize what a silly thing he’s asking.” Being good in bed doesn’t mean it was a past profession. Even if she was an escort before, it’s a sensitive topic, so try not to ask her about it directly and let her be the one to bring it up.

  • 9. “So you think about sex all the time?”

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    “I just want to say to him, ‘not as much as you!’” It’s a turn off to ask questions that imply a Japanese girl is perverted or obsessed with sex. Just let her open up first.

Last updated: November 04, 2017