8 Sequences in Sex That Japanese Girls Don’t Like

In sex, there usually comes some kind of order; for example, kissing at the beginning, then the clothes come off, and then sex. Depending on what steps you take, you could be unintentionally making your Japanese girlfriend unhappy. We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 8 sequences in sex that Japanese girls don’t like in bed.

  • 1. Giving her oral —> kissing

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    “It’s kind of gross.” It makes some Japanese girls feel uncomfortable as they feel like they’re indirectly coming into contact with their own vagina. After going down on her, don’t kiss her immediately. Try drinking some water, or rinse out your mouth if she’s really grossed out.

  • 2. Taking off clothes —> blow job

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    “If he comes after that, I’ll be so dissatisfied.” This will make a woman feel like she’s only being used for sex. Start by making out, and then move on to touching her breasts. Then, give her kisses on her body to show that you care about her too.

  • 3. Anal —> normal sex

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    “It’s so disgusting! I’m afraid I’ll pick up some disease as well.” This is definitely not hygienic and not safe. To prevent infections or disease, anything that goes into the anus must be washed before going into the vagina. Definitely use a new condom after anal if you’re going to have vaginal sex afterwards.

  • 4. Taking off clothes —> using adult toys

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    “I just don’t feel the love.” It can be disappointing or uncomfortable when men bring out adult toys right away. After taking her clothes off, first show some affection, such as hugging, or compliment her to express that you care for her.

  • 5. Sex —> blow Job

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    “This can get tiring.” Some Japanese girls may be tired after sex, so asking her to give you a blow job right away is exhausting. A woman might also be turned off by the thought of licking a penis that was just in contact with her vagina, Not only that, but the taste of rubber from the condom can also be gross. If you really want a blow job, go shower and clean up first. This will give her time to rest as well.

  • 6. Taking off clothes —> Sex

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    “I need to get wet first. Doesn’t he have common sense?” You’ll be seen as selfish if you don’t even consider her needs. Foreplay is important for her to become aroused for sex.

  • 7. Blow job —> taking a shower

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    “It makes me question if he thinks my saliva is dirty or something.” This action might be hurting your woman’s ego. If you really can’t go without a shower, just explain to her that you have OCD or are a clean freak so she won’t be offended.

  • 8. Taking off clothes —> eating her out

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    “If it’s too sudden, it’s a turn off.” Some Japanese girls are turned off by men who want to go down right away. Try kissing her neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs first before proceeding to give her oral. This creates a more natural and comfortable flow than abruptly going down on her.

Last updated: November 04, 2017