7 Things Not to Say When Getting a Blowjob from a Japanese Gril

It’s easy to get heated in the moment and let some words slip. However, your words may have some deep consequences later if taken the wrong way. So that you don’t upset a Japanese girl next time, we surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 7 phrases not to say during a blow job.

  • 1. “Watch your teeth. It hurts” and saying it in a bad mood

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    “I’m trying so hard here to make him feel good. Why is he getting angry?” An inconsiderate attitude is hurtful when a Japanese girl is trying to pleasure you. Instead of pointing out what she is doing wrong, simply ask her to close her mouth more so her teeth don’t hurt you. Think of it as being informative instead of critical.

  • 2. “It’s not doing anything for me, so you can stop” with a disappointed look

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    “I can’t help it if I’ve tried my best and he’s still disappointed.” If said this way, Japanese girls will feel insecure or lacking in their skills. Don’t forget to express your gratitude and let her know how thankful you are that she’s trying. Instead of just rejecting her attempt, give her room to improve by informing her of how you like it done.

  • 3. “Will you swallow my cum?” with a creepy smile

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    “He says that because he’s never tasted it himself.” Japanese girls may become upset if they feel they’re expected to swallow. Some Japanese girls don’t like to swallow, so don’t expect it from everyone. Make sure you have tissues ready by the bedside to offer her after she gives you blow job.

  • 4. “Lick the tip. Then, can you go in circles with your tongue? And then lick my balls.”—having too many requests

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    “It makes me tired, and I get so annoyed.” Some Japanese girls have felt frustrated by men with too many specific requests during a blowjob. This is especially a turn off in the beginning stages of a relationship. Once you two open up, you can add in a few more requests.

  • 5. “My ex was so much better” and comparing her

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    “I can’t believe he’d compare me to his ex.” This will definitely piss her off, so stay away from comparing her to other Japanese girl. You’re dating her now, and she should feel special. Bringing up your ex’s during sex is a big no-no, so keep that out of the bedroom.

  • 6. “You look so funny, like a sea horse” and making fun of her

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    “It’s not funny! It’s such an insult.” Japanese girls have expressed anger over men who make fun of them when they’re working hard to pleasure them. Next time, compliment her by saying something like, “You look really sexy when you give me a blowjob.”

  • 7. “Take it deeper” and pushing her head toward you

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    “It makes me gag, so I hate it.” Men who are violent and try to force a Japanese girl do something she’s against will anger her. Using your hands to push her head is never okay, unless you know she likes it. If you really want her to take it deeper, just ask instead of forcefully pushing her—communicate with words.

Last updated: November 04, 2017