Who Do You Think You Are? 9 Patronizing Things Girlfriends Say That Guys Find Irritating

I’m sure there have been times when you felt unappreciated over the course of your long-term relationship. But if you confront your boyfriend about it, he might stop wanting to say “Thank you” at all. This time, we surveyed guys to bring you nine patronizing things girlfriends say that guys find irritating.

  • 1. You say really condescending things, like “You should be thankful I’m with you”

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    “I know I asked her out, but she doesn’t have to put it that way!” Your boyfriend will be hurt when you say things that he can interpret as you saying, “I’m dating you to do you a favor.” Whatever your true intention is, it’s best for both of you for you to avoid acting arrogant.

  • 2. You act like you are the victim and say things like, “I’m always the one compromising”

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    “I just think she should have talked to me before getting pissed off.” Your boyfriend will not see your side of the argument when you complain and say, “I’m always the victim.” Let go of the attitude that you’re always putting up with him, and let your boyfriend know what you want.

  • 3. You tell him things that make him ungrateful, like “Why don’t you thank me”

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    “My feelings of gratefulness just disappeared.” No one likes to say “Thank you” when they are forced to say it—that’s just human nature. If you want your boyfriend to express his gratitude for every little thing you do, you should become proactive about telling him “Thank you.”

  • 4. You tell him, “I walked through the rain just for you,” when you both went through the same problem

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    “We both got wet!” You sound arrogant when you say you came all the way to see him despite the bad weather. You’ll sound more lovable if you say something that will get him to empathize with you, like “It sucks that it’s raining on our date.”

  • 5. You discourage him by saying things that imply he’s not fashionable, like “I’ll help you be stylish”

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    “It’s like she’s criticizing me. It hurts.” Telling him that you’ll help him change can sound condescending and make him feel bad. Instead, phrase it more like a request: “I would love to see you in this type of outfit.”

  • 6. You tell him, “I was really tired,” as if you want him to thank you

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    “If that was the case, she could have just stayed home.” Even if you are a couple, it gets irritating for your partner when you exaggerate how tired you are or how little you’ve slept. Your boyfriend will be more considerate of your situation if you show him your sweet side, like smiling even when you are tired.

  • 7. You make him want to say “Go date someone else” by telling him things like, “Her boyfriend always pays for everything”

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    “It makes me want to say something sarcastic, like ‘I’m sorry that we always split the bill.’” You won’t gain anything by blaming your boyfriend for his stinginess. Remember that it’s a bad idea to compare your boyfriend to the guys your friends are dating.

  • 8. You tell him, “It took me two hours to prepare this dish,” which makes him question why you didn’t just get it from the supermarket

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    “It kind of turns me off when she emphasizes how much work she’s put in.” Even if you spend a lot of time and effort making a dish for him, he might not take it well when you emphasize it. If you don’t want your boyfriend to take it negatively, you can follow it up with a comment filled with excitement, like “The more time it takes, the better it tastes!”

  • 9. You make yourself sound like a princess by saying something like, “I’ll let you take me out again”

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    “Does she think she’s royalty or something?” Some guys will think you are full of yourself when you say, “I’ll let you see me again.” If you want to hide your shyness, try to phrase it more modestly, like “So, will you see me again?”

Published: July 27, 2017