7 Reasons Why a Japanese Girl Want You to Turn the Lights off During Sex

Many Japanese girls prefer having sex with the lights off whereas men usually like having the lights on so they can see their partners. To provide some insight into the female mind, we surveyed our Japanese female readers to give you 7 reasons why a Japanese girl want the lights off.

  • 1. She feels embarrassed letting him see her “sex face”

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    “I get worried that I might be making a weird face.” Some Japanese girls are self-conscious about their facial expressions during sex. Try complimenting her by saying, “You look really sexy when you’re reaching orgasm.” This will make her feel more comfortable, and maybe she’ll be more open to keeping the lights on the next time.

  • 2. he’s concerned about her pubic hair

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    “I get worried about my hair down there or if I missed shaving any around my butt.” When undressing in front of a man, many Japanese girls worry about the appearance of their pubic hair. If there’s time, try suggesting a shower so she has time to tidy up beforehand.

  • 3. She feels like both parties can be more open in bed when it’s dark

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    “It’s more exciting, and the mood is better when it’s dark.” Some Japanese girls prefer the lights to be off so they can focus on the sex. If you really want the lights on, you can suggest having slow sex, with the lights on to keep you in the mood.

  • 4. She doesn’t want him to stare at her down there

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    “Even if he’s my boyfriend, I still feel awkward with him looking at me down there.” Japanese girls may feel shy about letting a man see their private areas. When you go down on her, try covering her with the sheet to make her feel more comfortable.

  • 5. She’s worried about her figure

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    “I’m so worried that I don’t think I can focus on sex.” Many Japanese girls are insecure about their bodies. Reassure her by complimenting her body and saying what you like about her features. She’ll appreciate it and, over time, feel more comfortable with having the lights on.

  • 6. She feels she’s more sensitive

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    “I can feel the pleasure on a whole nother level.” It may be easier to focus more on the pleasure when the lights are off. You can suggest using a blindfold to block her vision during sex so that you can still leave the lights on.

  • 7. It feels better when they’re clumsily feeling each other up in the dark

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    “It makes it fun and unpredictable.” Some Japanese girls enjoy the anticipation and excitement of exploring each other in the dark. Take this time to touch certain areas of her body you normally wouldn’t, like her feet or inside her thigh.

Last updated: November 04, 2017