7 Ways You’re Taking a Japanese girl's Clothes off Wrong During Sex

It can be a major turn on for a Japanese girls when men take their clothes off before sex. However, depending on how you take off her clothes, it could actually be a turnoff. We surveyed our Japanese female readers for 7 mistakes men make when taking off a Japanese girl's clothes in bed.

  • 1. Violently tearing her clothes off

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    “I want him to be more gentle.” A turn off for some Japanese girls is men who seem too aggressive or desperate. If you take her clothes off slowly, you’ll appear as more respectable, and it can even work as a tease to get her more excited.

  • 2. Leaving her clothes on the bed after taking them off

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    “I once stained my dress—it was horrible.” A number of Japanese girls expressed that it’s important where you leave her clothes. Try and leave them on the sofa or somewhere at least where they won’t get dirty.

  • 3. Trying to unsuccessfully take off her bra with one hand

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    “Even if he can do it with just one hand, it really doesn’t matter much.” Taking too long to clumsily unhook her bra can be an instant mood killer. Instead, embracing her and taking it off with both hands may feel more intimate.

  • 4. Leaving her clothes on the floor of a hotel

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    “Even if they clean the room, it still feels dirty.” Some Japanese girls become upset with men who just leave their clothes on the floor. Try putting them on a hanger to show her your thoughtfulness—this should make her feel happy.

  • 5. Yanking her pantyhose off

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    “Some are expensive, so I don’t want him to rip them accidentally.” When men yank off a Japanese girl’s pantyhose without much consideration, it can be a turn off. Instead, take them off slowly, and try to keep your fingernails trimmed as long nails may get caught on the pantyhose and tear them.

  • 6. Leaving her clothes piled up

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    “They get all wrinkly the next day.” Some Japanese girls are turned off when men just leave their clothes in a messy pile. Show off your skills by folding her clothing neatly—she’ll likely be impressed.

  • 7. Taking off all her clothes at once

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    “I feel like taking off clothes is part of the foreplay.” It can be unsatisfying for Japanese girls when a man takes their clothes off so quickly. Try to take your time and slowly undo her buttons while kissing—this should get her more excited.

Last updated: November 04, 2017