8 Things Men with Low Self-Esteem Do in Bed That Frustrate a Japanese girl

Confidence can play a huge roll in attraction; however, not all men are confident. Some Japanese girls may end up in bed with a man who’s lacking confidence, only to find the situation frustrating. To help avoid this problem, we surveyed 8 things men with low self-esteem do in bed that frustrate a Japanese girl.

  • 1. He goes in right away, without any foreplay

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    “I’m not even wet, so it hurts a lot.”Japanese girls find it frustrating when men don’t understand the importance of foreplay. Make sure you include some foreplay to get her wet before sex—this will make it pleasurable for her, too.

  • 2. He always wants to do missionary position, or the positions are always the same

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    “It gets boring.” Some of our readers expressed wanting more variety in the bedroom. Even if you’re not confident in a new position, show that you’re willing to try. She’ll appreciate your effort, and, over time, you’ll get better.

  • 3. He’s so unexpressive that she doesn’t know if he’s enjoying himself

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    “I just can’t tell if he’s enjoying himself or not.” Some Japanese girls become frustrated with their partner’s lack of communication and reaction. If you’re feeling shy about expressing yourself, let her know this and that you’re working on breaking out of your shell.

  • 4. He expects a blowjob but doesn’t go down on her

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    “I feel like it’s a bit unfair.” This can come off as selfish and make her unhappy. Sex is an act of giving and taking as well as building intimacy. Make sure that you show her you care and want to please her as well.

  • 5. He doesn’t talk at all during sex

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    “I won’t get turned on by just being touched.” Talking can definitely help build up the mood. If you really have no idea what to say, try complimenting her—she’ll likely feel good.

  • 6. It hurts when he fingers her

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    “He’s learning all the wrongs moves from porn.” Be careful when touching her breasts or vagina, as her body is sensitive, and you could be causing her discomfort. Start off gently, and gauge her reaction before increasing pressure.

  • 7. He doesn’t initiate sex

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    “I do want the man to lead at times.” Some Japanese girls are frustrated by men who don’t initiate things on their own. Have the confidence to at least initiate sex when you’re in the mood. She may even get turned on by the difference in your character.

  • 8. He takes too long to get a condom on

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    “Sometimes, I lose my excitement when he takes too long to get the condom on.” For some Japanese girls, arousal doesn’t last long, and it could wane as time goes by. If you two prefer having sex lights out, make sure to practice so you’re comfortable putting on a condom in the dark.

Last updated: November 04, 2017