I’m So Glad I Met Him! 9 Things That Made Japanese Girls Realize Love Makes People Grow

If you’re lucky enough to date the Japanese girl of your dreams, you want to make her happy and have her feel the transformative power of love. But what makes Japanese girls feel this “power of love”? This time, we surveyed women to list 9 things that made women realize love makes people grow.

  • 1. She learned to care more about someone else than herself.

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    “I was surprised when I caught myself thinking, ‘I would do anything for this guy.’” Women become acutely aware of the change within them when they find themselves wanting to put their partners first. To help her feel the same way, take the lead and show her, “I will be there for you, no matter what.”

  • 2. She got serious about losing weight and became beautiful.

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    “People started to look at me differently, and I think my life has changed as well.” Women feel grateful for love that makes them beautiful. Instead of getting too comfortable in your relationship, keep working on yourself so your girlfriend falls more in love with you.

  • 3. She learned to cook for her boyfriend and overcame her shortcomings.

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    “Thanks to him, I learned to cook all sorts of things.” Some women learned that the more they do, the more they can do, thanks to their boyfriends. You may also achieve greater results by making a conscious effort to work harder for your girlfriend.

  • 4. She was able to take on challenges without fear of failure because she had someone by her side.

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    “Having someone who gives me emotional support helped me to take more initiative.” Some women indicated that their boyfriends’ encouragement helped them get out of their comfort zone. If your girlfriend seems disheartened, encourage her by saying something like, “I’m always here for you.”

  • 5. She started to think seriously about her future plans.

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    “He motivated me to think how I should live my life.” Relationships can help women consider future plans, like marriage and starting a family. As you and your girlfriend discuss your dreams for the future, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you share similar visions for your lives.

  • 6. She learned to be more efficient so she could make time to spend with him.

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    “I started to think I could make better use of my time.” Some women changed the way they spend their day to have more time to spend with their boyfriends. Instead of idling your time away with your girlfriend, keep your relationship fresh by helping each other to grow.

  • 7. She changed the way she approaches work and studies, and people started to see her differently.

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    “I studied really hard because I wanted to get into the same university as my boyfriend.” Wanting to be a match for their boyfriends can help women change their lives for the better. Sharing the same goals, like writing a university entrance exam or a certification exam together, can help you both achieve visible results.

  • 8. She found a whole new world because her boyfriend influenced her to take up a new hobby.

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    “I joined my boyfriend and started watching anime and walking around historical areas of the city. I ended up with more hobbies as a result.” Women sometimes discover new worlds through their relationships. Don’t draw a line between your girlfriend and your hobbies; get her to be a part of your world.

  • 9. She gained confidence after her boyfriend said, “I love you more than anything else.”

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    “That was enough to make me think how grateful I am to be alive.” Women sometimes discover the sheer pleasure of being alive in the depth of their boyfriends’ love. Be generous with your words and don’t be shy about expressing your affection.

Last updated: October 16, 2017