9 Phrases Younger Men Say After Sex that Make a Japanese woman Irresistible

When having sex with younger women, men want to emphasize their masculinity. With an older Japanese woman, however, you need to take a different approach. How can a younger man win an older Japanese woman’s heart? We surveyed our Japanese female readers to bring you 9 phrases younger men say after sex that make a Japanese woman irresistible.

  • 1. “Teach me more next time.” Show her you look up to her.

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    “I actually don’t know what I can teach him, but it still makes me feel happy.” If you emphasize that you admire her experience, the Japanese woman will feel flattered. It will be even more enjoyable for her if you ask for specific advice as well, like, “How should I lick?”

  • 2. “I’m sorry I’m not that good.” Ask for forgiveness.

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    “The lack of experience makes him all the more adorable!” It’s okay if you’re inexperienced, as Japanese women are more forgiving to their younger partners. There’s no need to fake it and act like you know it all because that will come off as annoying. Just be honest and she will take you under her wing.

  • 3. “I don’t think I can have sex with younger girls anymore.”

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    “I’m so happy he can appreciate older Japanese women.” Let her know that you appreciate and find older Japanese women more attractive than younger Japanese women. This will definitely flatter her. You can also make her happy by including more specific comments like, “Younger Japanese women don’t really know what to do and they usually don’t move much.”

  • 4. “You’re so cute.” Try to act like the older one in the relationship.

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    “It makes my heart throb to see him trying to be more mature.” Some Japanese women find it cute when younger men try to take the lead. Just pat her lovingly on the head and she will feel turned on.

  • 5. “It was the best sex ever.”

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    “I’m not that good, so it probably means he doesn’t have much experience.” By saying things like “the best ever,” she will feel like you don’t have much experience and so you really appreciate the sex with her. She will also feel like taking on the responsibility of teaching this young boy and will feel good about herself.

  • 6. “It felt so good, I came right away.”

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    “Well, with my experience, of course.” As an older woman, it’s nice to be complimented for expert sexual technique. This is a useful phrase for a younger man because it’s a great excuse for not lasting long.

  • 7. “Let’s sleep together.”

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    “It reminds me of the time I slept with my younger brother and it makes me feel relaxed.” Ask her if you can sleep next to her and this should make her feel happy. She will find you even more adorable if you sleep in her arms.

  • 8. “I felt pretty shy.”

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    “It reminds me of the time when I didn’t have much experience.” Showing your shyness will emphasize your youth and older Japanese women love this. Just have the heart of a virgin again and the experienced woman will enjoy this gap in experience and want to teach you more.

  • 9. “Your skin is just so bouncy and supple.”

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    “Wow, it’s such a compliment and means a lot coming from someone younger.” If you sound genuine with your compliments, she will feel extremely happy. You will sound more believable if you ask things like, “What kind of skincare products do you use?” or “What kind of routine do you follow to have such nice skin?” and ask her for her skincare secrets.

Last updated: October 07, 2017