9 Phrases to Say during a Blowjob That Will Knock His Socks Off

Many men love blowjobs. You can take yours to another level just by saying a few phrases. To step up your blowjob game, we surveyed our male readers to bring you nine phrases to say while you’re giving one.

  • 1. “Does it feel good?”

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    “It makes me feel happy that she cares about how I’m feeling.” Make sure you look him in the eye when you ask so it will come off as more genuine. You can also say things like, “I’m getting excited seeing you enjoying it.” This should turn him on even more.

  • 2. “Mmm, yum.”

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    “It’s nice seeing her sexually playful side.” Men will be happy to know you’re not repulsed by his smell or taste. When he goes down on you, you can also playfully ask how it is. He might get turned on even more by this kind of talk.

  • 3. “I don’t know if it will fit in my mouth.”

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    “I feel so proud of my manhood.” What guy wouldn’t be happy to hear that his junk is big? Say something like “It’ll feel so good to have this inside me.” That should get him going for the rest of the night.

  • 4. “Wow, it’s getting harder and harder.”

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    “It makes me happy to know she’s impressed.” Even if he’s not that big, you can compliment him. Sound impressed and it should make him happy.

  • 5. “So, how do you like be licked?”

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    “It’s so hot when she says it in a dominating way.” Men get turned on when the girls get into it. Tease him a little by just barely licking him and let him describe to you how he wants you to do it.

  • 6. “Cum in my mouth.”

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    “I want to cum, but I also want to have sex…this is such a great dilemma.” Men secretly love cumming in girls’ mouths. Make sure to start early so you can still have sex later if he does cum in your mouth.

  • 7. “Play with my tits.”

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    “I will—gladly.” Guide his hands to your breasts and let him fondle them. Make sure you moan and let him know it feels good while you’re giving him a blowjob. Hearing you moan while you’re giving him a blowjob will be a big turn on for him.

  • 8. “I can’t wait any longer…let’s have sex.”

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    “It makes me happy to know she got turned on by giving me a blowjob.” Let him know that you’re super wet and can’t wait to have sex. He will definitely want to do it right away as well.

  • 9. Just make loud sucking sounds without saying anything

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    “I can tell she’s really into it.” Men love to know you’re so into it. Make sure his penis is wet enough by gathering up as much saliva as you can. The sound will definitely get him turned on even more.

Published: May 06, 2017