9 Reasons Why Your Japanese Ex-Girlfriend Might Have Sent You a Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to find people and helps you reconnect with friends from the past. But once in a while, people suddenly get friend requests from their Japanese Ex-Girlfriends. Whether you ended things on a good note or you fought and split up, you might be curious about the real reason why your ex suddenly got in touch with you. We conducted a survey to find out why Japanese girls suddenly sent their Japanese ex-girlfriend a friend request.

  • 1. She just wants to know what you’ve been up to

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    “I suddenly thought about my ex and wondered if he’s doing well.” Your ex might get in touch with you just because she felt like it. Of course, you never know if this is just an excuse and she actually has other intentions. Take it at face value at first, and see how things go.

  • 2. She wants to see if your new girlfriend is prettier than her

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    “I got curious about what his new girlfriend is like.” Your ex might send you a friend request so she can check out your new girlfriend. It’s also possible that she’s trying to find out if you have a new girlfriend.

  • 3. She doesn’t really know how to use Facebook and sent a friend request by mistake

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    “I was checking my ex’s profile when I was a bit tipsy. Then I accidentally clicked ‘add friend.’” Her friend request might just be an accident. However, there’s a way to cancel the request. She might just not care, or maybe she doesn’t know how to cancel the request.

  • 4. She’s new to Facebook and wants to have more friends

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    “I don’t have many Facebook friends, so I just sent a request to everyone in my contacts, from my family members to my exes.” She could just be excited that she’s made her Facebook debut. If you see all her other exes on her list of friends, this is probably why she sent you a request.

  • 5. She wants to see if you hate her from how you respond to her friend request

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    “We fought and broke up, so I wanted to know if he’s still mad.” Your ex might send you a friend request to find out how you feel about her. You should ignore her request, or even block her, if you don’t want anything to do with her anymore.

  • 6. She found closure, so she wants to start over as friends

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    “I’m finally over him, so I thought maybe we could have a peaceful conversation.” She might have sent you a friend request because she wants to leave the past in the past and start over as friends. This is especially likely if you started off as good friends and got romantically involved.

  • 7. She wants to stay in touch so she has someone to rely on in an emergency

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    “I don’t know many guys to begin with, so it would be great to have him as someone I can count on when I need help.” The real reason behind her request might be that she wants someone who can help her out if she needs it. This is typical for women who live alone, only have a handful of friends, and get lonely easily.

  • 8. She wants to get back together

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    “It’s obvious. First, I see how he reacts to my friend request, and then I wait for my chance.” Your ex could have sent you a friend request because she wants to start over as a couple. This is likely if your relationship faded away or if you had doubts and broke up.

  • 9. She feels lonely after a heartbreak

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    “After we broke up, I jumped into a new relationship, but that totally didn’t work out.” She could have sent a friend request because she was feeling nostalgic after a heartbreak. She could be coming back to you after she left you for someone else because it didn’t work out with him. But it’s up to you to forgive her, or not.

Last updated: October 15, 2017